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Everyone else was doing it. :3

Well, everyone else was posting their Green Lion Contest fics, so I decided that I should too. ^__^

Title: The Theory of Immortality
Rating: PG-13 or GA for minor drug references and some language.
Pairings: None.
Characters: Ed, (human!)Al, Hawkeye, and uh...>_> Roy.
Beta: aemilia_rose
Spoilers: Divergent Future, Episode 43
Notes: This story is the winner of both the Webmaster's Choice Award and the Reader's Choice (Long) Award. ^__^ I am so pleased to have won what I did. It is dedicated to my amazing beta (who is much, much more than a beta) and to my lovely friend feyrae . Thanks to both of you for getting me through this. Couldn't have done it without you. ^__^

I would really appreciate some feedback, because I have had little word from readers on what they actually liked/loved/disliked/hatedintensely about this. ^__^ Thorough comments will be cherished forever. <3

Faked to my journal and crossposted accordingly. X3

Absolute horror kept him reading, utter disbelief stopped him from slamming the book shut then and there. And while his frantic fervor only allowed him to pick out certain words, they were enough for everything to come together in a wave of one terrible realization after another.


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