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FMA Anime Profiles guide from Viz

Does anyone have Viz's Anime Profiles book?  I ordered it off of buy.com in February - yada yada yada - the wait time for the book jumped to November 30th.  Yeah, been tearing my hair out since February.  Well, seems I had it arrive while I've been out all day.

I've been too busy to look at it still, but something caught my eye when flipping through.  Namely Envy.  They have Envy listed as "her" and "she".  Never once did they use "he" or "him" on Envy's profile page. 

Envy can be anything but, well as far as the anime goes Envy's been established as a male.  The back has Viz & Funimation's logo's on it, don't they both refer to Envy as male in their mediums?

I'm not too upset about it, actually I was laughing.  Just thought I'd share.  Anyone else have the book and noticed anything off? [I did a search and couldn't find anything on this, so I assume this is fresh stuff.]

Edit: Thought I'd clarify something.  The Anime Profiles book is a Viz publication, and has the Funi logo on it because it's anime-centric.  The cover of the book features Al in the background, Maes and Roy in fthe middle, and Ed in foreground.

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