c_b_syndrome (c_b_syndrome) wrote in fm_alchemist,

AMV - "Alchemists Who Don't Do Anything"

H'okay! Since I haven't done a Crack!AMV in awhile... (the last two definitely weren't crack, the one previous to those was -almost- crack, more like A/A... But I digress)

I bring you... Crack! Naturally.

Song: "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" ~ Relient K
Clips: Both from the series and the movie
Spoilers: None, really.
Rating: PG - Hey! Your kids can watch this one (unless you have a problem with them belching). No blood, no violence... Okay, no REAL violence. Some Ed-flailing... but ... Oh, just watch the silly thing!
Warning: This song is disturbingly addictive. O.o

Teh Ebil YouTube Link (Shockingly, it didn't murder the timing, but the compression! *CRIES*)

Teh Less-Than-Ebil MU link (in MPEG-1) Because we likes the clean copies, yes we do!

As always, feedback is love!

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