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Hi! I'm a new member thats just joined and I've come to bring you guys something! 
I made this jcclub account for my school's Japanese culture club which I run. Now on this journal that I made for my members I'm showing all sorts of different animes (each month is a different anime with 2 or 3 episodes a week being shown), doing manga reviews (3-5 a month, depending on my schedule), showing Japanese music videos, anime music videos, icons, and all sorts of other things are going to be done (this is its third month). 
But most of my club members aren't very involved (oh at all) in the internet thing so I thought I would give this out to a couple of general anime communities to see if anyone was interested. So if you are interested  please check it out, feel free to friend, and please leave comments ^^ 
And think, its a great way to get into animes you might never have watched before (I'm going to put up a post once more people get involved so they can leave suggestions for things they'd like to see) and to get a feel for new mangas you might never have heard of (old and brand new), hear new bands and all sorts of new things - so come check it out! 

And how does this relate to Fullmetal Alchemist? Well this month I'm doing Fullmetal Alchemist on the journal. I'll be showing episodes in both Japanese and English, showing AMVs, putting up lots of information about the anime, manga, and all sorts of other things that relate to FMA!



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