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Fic: An Odd Sort of Salvation - Greed x Psiren

Name: An Odd Sort of Salvation
Author: annepackrat
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Humor, Smut, Spiritual (Yeah right)
Pairing: Greed x Psiren
Warnings: Sex, Nunkink
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and its attendant settings and characters were created by Hiromu Arakawa and are distributed by Square-Enix, Funimation and Viz.

Summary: Greed sets out to find the thief Psiren, but instead finds religion with the sexy Sister Clara.

It felt damn good to be hunting new pretty prey after being locked up for 150 years. My new crew and former inmates and I were passing through Aquaroya trying to keep a low profile from any military that might be chasing us. No way in hell am I letting me or them be locked up again. I'm out now and the world is all mine for the taking.

But still I want more. Not so surprising I guess though, eh? It is in my name after all. I just wouldn't be me if I had a name like Frugality or Chastity. Heh, I'd love to see a homunculus named Chastity. It'd probably spend it's time preventing its master from having sex. Serve that bitch Dante right. Let's see her go cold turkey for 150 years and see how she likes it!

Anyway, there was some kind of weird holiday happening that night. Halloween I think they called it. It was some new thing that popped up in the last century and a half. Damn I had so much to catch up on.

Oddly this holiday seemed to involve everyone dressing up in weird costumes and masks. My chimera crew seemed particularly excited about this holiday. For once the more deformed of them could walk around in public without getting weird looks.

Hell, they were practically normal compared to some of the shit I saw on my way over here. Hey, I'm the most open guy around, but fat guys in tube tops and miniskirts?

Not a good combination. I'm just saying.

I wasn't joining my little posse though. No I had bigger fish to fry. Ever since entering this town I'd heard rumors of a gutsy little chick named Psiren. She apparently was everywhere, stealing hearts along with priceless jewels and artifacts.

Yeah, I was interested in her all right. It's about time I got some fun new female prey. Much as I love my favorite chimeras, Law, Dorchette and Martel, sometimes a predator like me just needs a challenge. Blond, lithe, and big breasted, yes, Psiren was definitely my kind of challenge. And tonight, I'd be heeding her call.

It'd been two hours into the hunt so far, and I'd had no luck. I'd stopped at some out of the way bar to take a break. The beer wasn't bad. I'd had way better, but after being trapped for so long any beer tasted like heaven.

A woman dressed up in a nun costume sat down on the stool next to me. I figured she wasn't a real nun, as most of the holy sisters I'd seen didn't really go in for thigh-high boots, miniskirts, and a shirt with a window cut out of it showing copious amounts of cleavage (she did have a habit on though). No, if that was normal garb for a nun, just let me know what sect and I'd convert on the spot.

I grinned at her. "Not the usual place to find a nun. You looking to save some souls, sister?" I asked her, covertly inspecting her fine form through my shades.

"Maybe," she replied. She smiled and sipped her drink through lush ruby-colored lips. She was wearing lipstick too. Yet another atypical accouterment for a wife of God.

I sipped my own drink as I watched her. "You know, I just might need some saving." Yeah, I should be getting back to my hunt for Psiren, but there was something about the woman next to me that had me riveted to the spot. Besides, I was always up for a bit of "salvation" from any nun who looked like her.

She rested a perfectly manicured hand on the edge of the bar. "You have sins to confess, my son?" she asked slyly, running her fingers slowly up and down the brass railing. Her mouth quirked upward as she watched me.

I pulled down my shades and hungrily stared at her over the top of them. "Baby," I said low, almost growling, "I'm so full of sin they had to name me for it."

Her eyebrows rose and a curious expression formed on her face. "Oh? What do they call you then?"

"I'm called Greed, cause I'm the bastard who wants it all," I smiled at her, although it was almost a snarl with my teeth showing as they were, "What do you they call you?"

Taking another sip of her drink she regarded me steadily. "I'm called Sister Clara." Her eyes shifted to the bar where her hand was drawing slow circles on the grimy wood. "Tell, me, Mr. Greed, what exactly do you want?"

What did I want? That's easy. I spread my arms wide and grinned down at her. "Money, power, fame, sex.... I want all the world will give me, sister, and what it doesn't give I'll go out and take." My hands dropped to my sides, but my grin stayed. "But if you mean what I specifically want now, well, I thought it might be fun to go after that hot little thief everyone's always talking about."

Her finger paused in mid motion. "And what," she asked, her voice gaining an odd tone, "Would you do if you caught her?"

I shrugged and turned back to my drink. "Not sure. I'd have to catch her first, but I can tell you I've always been the type of cat who likes to play with my catches."

Suddenly she slid off the stool and got to her feet. Surprised I stared at her. "You, Mr. Greed," she said, "Are a very wicked man." She stroked my cheek and moved down my neck to my chest. "But I think I can help you. Pulling on the collar of my shirt, she dropped a card in it and then let the elastic snap back against my chest. "Come to this address when you're ready to repent." Then she turned on her heel and left the bar.

Blinking in surprise at her sudden departure, I hurriedly fished the small piece of cardboard out of my shirt. On it was a neatly written address, only a few streets over from here. I quickly drained my beer, slapped a bill on the bar as payment and then I was out the door.


The address turned out to belong to a dark apartment building. I entered and soon found the specific apartment listed on the card. The door was open, and I cautiously entered. I wasn't particularly worried about being harmed, but even with my shield ability and regeneration, it never hurt to be wary. Using my superior night vision (all of us homunculi have some limited ability to see in the dark) I could make out the silent shapes of furniture, but there was a distinct lack of living things.

Clutching the card in my hand, I checked to see if I had the right address. Suddenly the card flared brightly and disappeared in a burst of light, blinding me momentarily. I cursed and fell forward as a large weight settled on my back. I felt deft hands tie rope around my wrists and ankles then the weight was gone as quickly as it had come.

I struggled to free myself from the bonds. Strangely they were merely rope, and I felt them loosening after only a few moments. Then I stopped struggling when a voice came out of the darkness.

"So are you ready to confess yet, Mr. Greed?"

I grinned, and rolled onto my back. There was my nun. This could get interesting. I always did like the occasional bit of bondage.

I heard footsteps going toward the wall and squinted at the sudden brightness in the room. I heard more footsteps coming toward where I was lying and when my eyes adjusted I looked up at the figure before me.

With a small start of surprise I recognized the tight black leather-clothed and masked woman. I'd seen more then enough pictures not to be able to recognize her on sight. I smirked up at her. "Is this your part-time job then Sister Clara? Or should I just call you Psiren?"

The woman sighed dramatically and held out her hands. "Being a nun doesn't pay well at all, and a girl has to support herself somehow." She knelt then and rested a hand on my crotch. Her smoky eyes locked onto mine.

"Not to mention," she said, her voice taking on a husky quality, "It's hell on your sex life."

I licked my lips and tried not to groan as my body reacted to the slow circles she was drawing with her finger on my awakening manhood. "I'm always willing to help out the church with problems of that nature."

She raised an eyebrow and slid her other hand under my shirt and onto my belly. "So you want to be a pious man now, Mr. Greed?" She raked her nails down my chest. "And here you were just boasting about how sinful you were. It makes one wonder if you're truly serious about being saved." She pushed up my shirt and licked the track her nails had taken.

Stifling another groan, I felt myself getting harder and harder by the minute. After my long imprisonment I was desperately in need of what the "sister" had to offer.
"I'm completely serious."

"Are you?" she asked. A long slim finger plucked at the left nipple while a hot mouth nipped at the right.

"Yes, I'm serious!" I said, trying to ignore how strangled it came out. God was this woman hot!

Her hand at my crotch resumed stroking my now noticeable hard-on. "Mr. Greed?" she asked in a low sultry voice, "Do... You.... Repent?" She squeezed my cock hard.

"YES!" I moaned pressing my hips up into her hand. I needed more of her touch, and I needed it now! (Yeah, I'm greedy, but what else would you expect from me?)

Smiling, she leaned down into my ear and I felt swift hands undoing my pants, and I wanted to cry with relief. "Good. But I think you'll need some special help before you can achieve salvation." She looked down at my now free erection, then back up at me. "But I can see that you're ready and willing."

The thief slithered down my body until she was face to face with my bobbing penis. Her sudden smirk was all the warning I had before she took me into her mouth completely, then just as quickly bobbing up and releasing my member. I felt her hot tongue blaze a wet trail across the head and I moaned loudly when she nipped at the edge.

She again took me in her mouth, and I closed my eyes and let my head loll back at the sensation. I'd gone for too long without this and despite the wonderful efforts of my chimera, I was still incredibly sensitive.

When I felt her mouth leave me and not return, I opened one eye to find Psiren peeling off her leather pants. She'd already divested herself of her shirt.

Holy, did she look good. My eyes hungrily traveled up and down her body. A fine figure of womanhood stood before me with a small lithe form; the trimmed blond bush, and large pert breasts completed the package. I quirked an eyebrow when I reached her face. "The mask?" I said.

She shook her head, causing her breasts to jiggle the slightest bit. "It stays." Padding quietly toward me, I was pleased to see a predatory glint in her eyes. (Hey, sometimes it's just as much fun being hunted as it is being a hunter.) She knelt beside me and ran a hand up my thigh. "It's always good to have a bit of mystery in a relationship."

I gave her an amused glance. "Is that why I'm tied up?"

Gasping in mock horror, she wagged her finger at me. "Why no, my dear Mr. Greed. You're tied up because you've been naughty, and you need to be punished."

Man, if this is the punishment for being bad, I am never ever being good.

She slowly drug her hand up my front, ending up cradling my cheek. "Now, Mr. Greed," she whispered, "I think it's time for you to confess." Taking me in hand she wiggled herself into position and thrust down--

Lordy, lord, it was then that I found heaven. (Who knew paradise would be in a thief's vagina?) She was so tight, and hot, and good, god.....

She lifted herself up and thrust back down, letting out a long low moan when I was fully inside her. I loved her voice; it was the music of the angels. It lifted me up on high as she bounced and thrust, clenched and ground against me all the while driving that old familiar fire to burn hotter and hotter.

Dimly, I regained enough of my senses to realize that I should be doing something for her, if only to satisfy my pride in having her come first. She was leaning over me as she worked, and her breasts bounced deliciously in front of me. I lifted my head and was able to grab one of her nipples in my mouth. I held it delicately between my teeth, the points grazing her skin but not enough to draw blood. I laved her captured flesh with my tongue.

That was all it took. With an inarticulate wail she leaned back, her muscles taut and her breast dropping out of her mouth. Her muscles clamped down on my member and, oh god, I was right there with her, spasming and shooting my seed into her.

Soon Psiren sprawled bonelessly across my chest. Both of us were a mess, but damn if she didn't look good sweaty and panting on top of me . She smiled and pushed herself up enough to meet my now tired eyes with her own. "I believe, my son, that you are now forgiven."

I smiled wearily. It had been so long, and that had been so good, that it had just totally drained me. "Hallelujah," I whispered before passing out.


I awoke a few hours later to the faint beginnings of dawn coming in through the window. Now free of any bonds, I looked around and no saw no sign that Sister Clara or Psiren had ever been there. Not that I had expected to, of course.

I rubbed my wrists, noting how the bruises were quickly fading thanks to my regeneration ability. I stood and inspected the area more closely, confirming that the thief was gone. Strangely there was no sign of my clothes or wallet either. I looked throughout the apartment, finding only my shades and a note.

It read:

"The church appreciates your donation.

Look me up next time you feel the need to confess.

-Sister Clara"

"That little bitch robbed me!" I muttered, grinning despite myself.

Putting on my shades, I stretched and rose to greet the day.

I probably should be angry or at least annoyed at the woman, but how could I be?

Thanks to her, I'd finally found religion.


Hmmm..... I suppose this means I'm going to hell. Oh well. I hope they have hand-baskets in my size.

Sigh, this is rough, and written in three hours. I'm tired and it's staying as it is for now. At least I spelled Aquaroya right.

Thanks to the creators / cast / crew of the FMA manga and anime.
Thanks to my husband Ryan.
Thanks to those who leave feedback and review. I greatly appreciate it.

And thanks to you, for reading.

Anne Packrat (October 31, 2006)

Thanks for reading.

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