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Hi, first time posting! ^_^

But, earlier I was trying to remember the 7th of the 7 Deadly Sins, so I looked up this site (it's Pride, btw), and decided to look around and read up on the 7 Heavenly Virtues (which I think its safe to say most of us are least familiar with) and had an interesting thought.

If there are 7 who are named after the sins in FMA, and such characters act their namesakes accordingly, who are the virtues?

So I decided to pair it up (this relies heavily on the Contrary Virtues, which are meant to be used as combatants against the sins).

Disclaimer: I am not a Jesus freak! I just really dig all forms of theology and theological interpretation in pop-culture form ^_^

Humility vs. Pride
Since we've yet to meet Pride in the anime (I haven't read the manga yet ^^;;) I have a feeling Pride's combatant will be the Fuhrer. Given his high esteem and political power, when you think about it, he is a very down to earth and humble man, and one that seems to have a good heart, and is uncorrupted by power.

Kindness vs. Envy
Possibly Major Armstrong?? He is very kind (if not a little crazy), and has taken care of the boys as if they were his own.

Abstinence vs. Gluttony
Possibly Scar? He abstains from the overindulgence of those in this world around him, and follows only 'God's Will' and nothing else (or so he claims), and thinks little of himself and his wants (again, supposedly).

Chastity vs. Lust
Could Lust's adversary possibly be Lt. Hawkeye? If anyone seems chaste, its definitely her!

Patience vs. Wrath
As quick to anger as she may be, Izumi is definitely a patient and understanding woman, and I believe is very strong because of it. Not to mention she 'brought' Wrath into the world, which gives her the obvious direct link.

Liberality vs. Greed
Roy seems like a good fit. According to the online Miriam-Webster dictionary, one definition of Liberality is not literal or strict. I think thats a very good description of Col. Mustang ^_~

Diligence vs. Sloth
Another seemingly obvious one, I think. Hughes was very diligent on getting to the bottom of things and actually uncovered the political 'conspiracy' and link of the Homunculi affiliation to the Military. Unfortunately, Sloth overcame Diligence after all...

I've kept the Elric brothers out of this comparison, mainly because I think that they represent the souls that have to decide which 7 to follow, thus representing the battle that all spiritual mankind supposedly faces. As we've seen so far, their motives and actions have been teetering between what they want, what the military wants, and what the Homunculi want. Their trials began when they 'challenged' God (most of the sins according to the aforementioned site are considered sins because they challenge or rival God in a person's heart, and walk a fine line between spiritual righteousness and self-righteousness). Boys trying to walk the path between sin and virtue to the truth, which will ultimately be their own spiritual enlightenment, and answers the question that is the huge basis for many religions (especially Christianity, which is where these doctrines originate), which is; How are we created? And how can we be created? And why can't WE as humans do it other than our prescribed way (ie. procreation)?

So what does everyone think? I'm not saying this is what is intended by the creator of FMA, just an interesting possibility. But I'd love to see what other things can be added to this theory, since I'll admit, I just recently joined the fandom about 3 weeks ago, so I may not be as well versed on the characters as many of you. Thanks for reading! ^_^

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