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We're looking for FMA characters~ ALL ARE OPEN.

You have just received within the mail an invitation to a vacation - a free stay at the largest hotel in the world. With over 800 rooms, 3 indoor pools, its own mall and much more, the Toujours Hotel is more like an indoor city.

You accept the invitation. Soon after you arrive, you come to the realisation that you cannot leave. The doors to the outside world are locked, the screens on the windows are permanently installed and the glass is indestructible.

Finally, you settle down and decide to sleep. Some nights you wake up from extreme temperatures. Other nights you wake up being rained upon, snowed upon, or the room is windy.

You approach various employees to try to figure out what is going on, only to find that the employees are actually robots. They try to discourage you from asking questions. Sometimes they will come into your rooms uninvited, for some unrequested room service.

You are stuck here, for now. What will you do with yourself and your time during your seemingly permanent stay at the Toujours Hotel? Will you ever find your way out?

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Taken Characters

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