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TA-DA! Teh Fic for You! <3

There's also an icon or...five...

Five Things Alphonse Will Never Understand about Ed and Winry’s Relationship

By Chiiko-chan


1.)    They fight. Constantly. He knows that fighting is a good sign of love, but man, they are overdoing it! But Al highly doubted anyone else would be able to take his screaming and give it back tenfold.


2.)    Why neither of them ever realized that anyone with eyes could see that there was a connection between them. The two stubborn idiots, they both told him and refused to tell each other. It was rather funny when Ed announced it, and the entire office said, in unison, “About time”


3.)    How neither one would give in to the other’s temptation until one of their stubborn tempers relented under chaste kisses and warm hands. Yes, Al had seen this in action, and no, he would rather not see it ever again.


4.)    Even though Ed really likes buying Winry presents, he covers it up by arguing with her and fussing about whatever part it is she wants. However, when the time came for the tool/bolt/mechanical item to be bought, Edward always hands her his wallet and gives just the softest blush and smile. Al always catches it--he has brother’s emotions down pat--but he never tells. Why ruin the innocence anyway?


       5.)     Where Edward will think he’s still a fledgling-trying-his-oh-so-very-hardest romantic, Winry’s proud to gush about the sweet things he does when nobody’s looking. Where Winry thinks she’s not pretty, Edward always smiles about how beautiful she looks in everything she wears. The two of them are just one big beautiful mess, and that’s why, even if Al can never truly understand their smaller quirks, he believes that his brother and Winry are a perfect match.

AND FIVE ICONS?! O.o You guys are lucky today! <3

All Vol. 4 Manga Scans by ME! <3 I do my own scans! Not stunts...scans...


Inspired by evil_little_dog 

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