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The BIG Post of DOOM!

This is one of my favorite oneshots. (ones that I have written, at least)

Title: Dirty Little Secret
Author: chiiko_chan
Pairing: EdxWinry
Summary: Ed had a little bit of a secret he never wanted anyone to know...

XD This is also a Mechanical Passion Post! Thus the smexy icon.

MechP Chapters-- Dreams, Rainbows, Of Man and Dog, This Kiss, Lullaby, Rhapsody, Guardian Angel, Saying Sorry, Addiction and Accidentally in Love

PLUS--Two nifty anime references! Wow!

Dirty Little Secret:

Edward rocked backwards nervously on his heels, his blonde braid bouncing with each swaying movement, “Where is she…” He sighed and crouched down under the nearest bush, waiting for her to come out.

Almost as if on cue, the shouts of a young girl were heard, “Ed! Where are you?”

Edward waited for her to walk near him before grabbing her arm and pulling her into the bushes, “Found you!”

“Ahh! Help!” she flailed about, “I’ve got a wrench and I know how to use it!”

“Winry! Calm down! It’s just me!” Ed cried frantically, holding her back with his other hand.

Winry blinked twice, “…oh…Ed…”

“Sheesh…” he carefully took her wrench from her other hand and set it on the cold ground next to them, “Be careful with that thing…”

She blushed, “My bad. I thought you were an attacker or something…”

“It’s okay. Now…I need to tell you something”

She smiled and sat down next to him, cocking her head questioningly, “What is it?”

“Al and I…are leaving.”

“W-what?” Winry’s eyes started to water and she bit her lip, “Where are you going?”

Aww…not that face…’ he thought, “We’re going to try and be State Alchemists.”

“You mean…go with the military?” The image of her parents’ backs flashed through her mind and she shuddered, “Like…like that Mustang guy?”

“Yeah…” Ed looked straight at her and saw the mix of shock and sadness in her eyes, mixed with her scared posture. Winry burst into tears and hugged him tightly, burying her face into the front of his jacket, “Aww…Winry…don’t be like that…”

Tears ran down her face and soaked his shirt as she looked up into his golden eyes, “H-how long are you going to be gone?”

“I…I don’t know…” he muttered, putting a hand on her head, “I really don’t know”

Winry shuddered out another sob, “D-don’t die.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

“Don’t break anything or anyone.”


“Especially not my heart”

“H-huh?” Ed’s eyes widened as he took in what she said. ‘Especially not my heart…does she mean…?’

“Okay? Promise?”

He grinned broadly and stood up, “Yes, Winry, I promise.”

Winry stood up too, “Good.”

Suddenly, Ed gave a wicked grin and put his arms around her, pulling her close, “Hey…you said not to break your heart….”

Winry looked at him, a bit confused, “What?”

He leaned down and kissed her very quickly, pulling away with his cheeks tinted pink, “Now I can’t die, so I can come back and get another one of those.”

She put two fingers on her lips and nodded slowly, “R-right…”

“I wonder if this makes us a couple now…”

“I think so.” Winry smiled and hugged him again, “I think so.”

It was the next morning when they left, the charred remains of their house still sending black spirals of smoke into the air. She sighed before putting her pillow over her head, trying to bat the memory of that quick little kiss away so she could get some sleep.


Just after Edward became a State Alchemist, he was studying at the home of Shou Tucker. He as well as Alphonse and Tucker’s daughter Nina were peacefully relaxing in their room, trying to get some last minute quiet time in. Ed sighed and crumpled up the letter he had been writing to Winry and throwing it into the trash bin. He started again, writing “Dear Winry…” and stating some things about his traveling, before tentatively talking about their relationship.

Nina came over and tugged on his sleeve, “What are you writing, little big brother?”

Ed jumped and put both arms protectively over the paper, “I-it’s nothing!”

“Is it a letter to Winry, brother?” Al asked slyly. The simple way he said her name sent shivers up Ed’s spine. He could practically feel the devious air around his little brother, and see the scheming grin across his cold metal exterior. ‘Does he know?’

“Is Winry your girlfriend, little big brother?” Nina asked, the picture of innocence, blue eyes wide as saucer plates.

Ed gasped and blushed, “W-what?!” ‘Shit! Can’t give this away…stay calm Edward…she’s just a three year old…

“Actually….” Al said, his voice carrying a mischievous aura, “I would say…”

“AL! IT’S NOTHING! SHE’S JUST A FRIEND!” he shouted, blushing ten shades of red, “LAY OFF!” ‘Smooth Ed. Real smooth. Covered that up fantastically.’

“Actually…I was going to say that she’s a very VERY close friend of Ed’s” Al sighed, but it was obvious he knew something he really should not have known, “Brother…let’s talk.”

“NO! There’s nothing to talk about!”

“Oh, I think there is…I saw it.”

Ed gaped at his brother, “No! You did not!”

“Yes I did! I saw you kiss Winry!”

“Ahh, shut up! I’m leaving!” he grabbed his papers and books, and left the room in a huff.

“So…is Winry little big brother’s girlfriend?”

“Well…even if he says no, don’t believe him. She is.” Al picked up the little girl and she giggled, “He just doesn’t want anyone to know.”

-----------------MECHANICAL PASSION----------------------------

31.) Dreams

In her dreams, he is with her. They are laughing and talking, and they share the occasional kiss. Al is a human but Ed still has auto-mail. He is proud of her creation and chose to keep it. In her dreams, life is how it should be. Lucky for her, those dreams have become reality.


32.) Rainbows

Ed’s life was a continuous thunderstorm of death and sadness. Everywhere he went, the thunderstorm followed, growing larger with each passing day. But they say that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. When he could finally be with his Winry, those clouds fell down and his world had more rainbows.


33.) Of Man and Dog

They called him a dog of the military, a bulldog that would attack on command and snarl at friend and foe. Winry discovered the more they spent time together the more docile he became. This bulldog has become a golden retriever.


34.)This Kiss

She had been anticipating it, and when it came, it was like an explosion. They kiss and it makes it all wonderful makes her feel beautiful. He made her heart go aflutter, her stomach fill with explosions of butterflies and bright colors. This kiss could be nothing but unstoppable.



Ed had never been the type of person to fall asleep by bedtime story or lullaby. Winry had been playing with his hair and singing a little song to herself. She got about halfway through the song when the boy on her lap fell backwards fast asleep. After all of his all nighters, the only thing he needed was Winry’s lullaby.


36.) Rhapsody

The crescendoing swell of life can lift you up or drop you to the lowest of lows. No matter how bad life got, no matter how bad it was, Ed could always think of Winry…and it all comes back up, putting him in a state of pure rhapsody.


37.) Guardian Angel

She was always there. In his thoughts, in his dreams, and of course in his arm. Ed had never really thought about it, but whenever he was on the brink of death, her smile and her adorable angry face ran amok through his head. She didn’t know, but he did. Winry must be his guardian angel.


38.) Saying Sorry

Edward had REALLY screwed up this time. He lost his temper and called Winry a tomboy. So now he needed to say sorry, which isn’t one of his strong points. So he showed up at her door with a sheepish grin and flowers, obviously handpicked. She proceeded to burst into laughter and then hugged him, whispering “apology accepted”


39.) Addiction

Cupid’s arrow didn’t even begin to cover the feeling that smacked Ed in the head the day he came back. Winry had glomped him again, teary. She was so pretty, no, beautiful. It bothered him that he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. And then, the first day they professed their love, his addiction to his Winry grew even stronger.


40.)Accidentally in Love

It wasn’t head-over-heels, can’t-stop-thinking-about-him love. No, it was more of a gradual realization. It started with the Scar incident…and now it was in full bloom. It wasn’t really a “fangirl” love either, Now that Winry thinks about it, she fell accidentally in love with Edward. Oops.



Anime references--

Okay, I'm a psycho Jason Mraz freak. I'll admit it openly. Have you seen the video for "Geek in the Pink"?

HIS SHIRT SAYS OTAKU! XD How cool is that?

And secondly, I was reading the second volume of Dramacon, and came across this reference.

"I got the new Half-Metal Alchemist and Fruity Basket volumes I wanted" XD God, I love Svet so much...


I made this story icon for myself...however I'm taking submissions for a Mechanical Passion story icon. I really want to see what other people come up with. <3



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