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Hey all! Chiiko here with yet another Mechanical Passion update! *smiles* Since I finished it, these posts should be up every couple of days.

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Fanart Piece Title: You're Home

Drabble Titles: Showing Affection Part 1 and Part 2, Shopping, Daughters, Propose, Magic, Bitter, Condolence, Seasons, Everyday.

  Well...I have a Mechanical Passion update, a link to my deviantart for a piece of too big EdWin fanart. (XD It won't work on Photobucket because it's so big), and a few FMA Chibi OVA icons.

Starting with the Mechanical Passion

21.) Showing Affection Part One

The way they show affection is like no other. Roy grumbles about paperwork, mutters about setting stuff on fire and yells at his subordinates. Riza shoots perfectly aimed shots, Bang! Bang! Bang! at his head. And he makes excuses to stay late. Hers? Staying with him. Those are their special dates, over nasty tea and piles of paperwork.


22.) Showing Affection Part Two

The way they show affection is like no other. Ed comes in, holds up his (usually broken) arm, and mutters something about “defeat thy name is Edward…” She glomps him, notices the arm and throws her wrench. Ten seconds later, they are all over each other. Now feel sorry for Al. He just sighs and whispers “Save it for the bedroom…”


23.) Shopping

Guys, next time you’re “stuck” shopping with a girl, thank your lucky stars you aren’t Ed Elric. Whenever he takes Winry to Rush Valley, it not only involves the spending of his hefty State Alchemist monetary funds in a matter of seconds, but it may have stripping to your boxers so other mechanics can inspect you. Ah, well. A day in the life…


24.) Daughters

It was his secret wish. Back and forth they bickered about a gender for a child. And it ended up with a wrench in contact with his forehead. But deep down, no matter HOW much they argued, Ed had his own secret. He really wanted a daughter too. For Nina.


25.) Propose

When he decided she was definitely the one, Ed knew EXACTLY what she would want. Not a big ring like everyone else. No, Edward Elric knows his Winry. And when he popped the question, she opened the box to find a perfect replica of his own military pocket watch.


((Yes, I realize "it's not a ring, he doesn't love her! OOOOHH! HE's MINE!!1!!" ( I've had that before. *sweatdrop* He know she wouldn't want something so girly. XD Back to the drabbles!))

26.) Magic

Magic has never seemed to be plausible to me. Fairies and sprites? Come on. I swore I would never believe in magic…until the night Winry kissed me under the stars. I guess I became a bit more of a believer after that. Love can do crazy things to people.


27.) Bitter

It’s the bitter taste of losing something treasured. Leaving everything you ever knew to go chase the torrents of your dreams. But that bitter taste makes life all the more sweeter when you come back and admit those feelings that have been swimming in your head. The life of the FullMetal one is a bitter taste, a slice of poisoned heaven.


28.) Condolence

I still don’t know why I did it. She was crying on the hill…next to the gravestone marked with my name. I had never seen so much hate, so much bitter sadness in her eyes. The only thing I could think of…was giving her a kiss. She hit me, banging at my chest, but she was happy. And that was all that mattered.


29.) Seasons

Al was like autumn, cool and comforting with a warm smile. Their good friend Rose was like summer, offering happy smiles and a special kind of fiery personality. Edward was like winter. Cold and closing but warm on the inside. And Winry…Winry was Ed’s spring, warming him from the toes with her loud demeanor and pretty smile.


30.) Everyday

She picked him up from the slums, lifted him from the brink. She was always on his mind, everyday. When he was down, she was there with her warm smile and warmer embrace. He had come to realize it that maybe he DID “feel” for her, and he had just been denying it. Everyday.



Fanart link:


Created with angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble
Credit to chochajin for the Chibi OVA caps. =D

*bounce bounce* Haha, I'm happy now! =]




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