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Fic: Twist of Fate Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Characters: Ed, Al, Noah, and other Munich characters
Rating: PG [?]
Genre: AU, angst, drama, light humor
Pairings: HeidxEd
Length of this Chapter: 1,103 [yay for word!]

This fic takes place at the end of the FMA movie: Conqueror of Shambala.

Short Summary:
This fic is based off a theory I have as to what would have happened had things ended slightly differently in the movie. . .

Ed had never acknowldged what Al had said that day. He did not want his brother to know what had gone on, because it would just makes things harder and give him more weight to bear. If Alfons had said anything, [which Ed had pretty much decided he had] a part of him did want to know the why.

He decided that somehow he needed to talk to Alfons, but he didn't know how to without Al being involved. The ulterior motive to this was lingering, but he kept trying to push those feelings away. . .

. . . It's not Alfons anymore. . .


The next two weeks, Ed worked a lot of over time at the studio. Al tried to stay up, but as the days went by no matter how hard he tried his body was growing weaker and weaker, and he found himself wanting to sleep more. It was a constant battle for Al, trying to fight the disease and keep himself strong.

One Thursday night, Ed was at work late again. Ed had run frantically to the phone when he was told that there was a phone call for him. Only one thought was running through his mind. . .


"Noah? Why are you calling the studio?! How's Al?!"

There was a short pause, and Ed was holding his breath. He was bracing himself with one hand against the wall.

"You should come home, Edward. He needs you. You've been gone so much lately. . . "

". . . How is he, Noah?"

The longer pause on the other end was enough for him. He hung up the phone before Noah had a chance to speak the words he already knew.


Ed walked into their room. A bucket was placed next to the bed, and Noah was patting a cold rag on his forehead. When she saw him, she rose and quietly walked over.

"He just fell asleep. But his mind is very much awake. . ." She handed the rag to Ed and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Ed just stood there a moment holding the rag, listening to the droplets of water hit the floor.

"Alfons. . ." he whispered. He finally gained the ability to walk forward until he was at the bed, and sat on the edge near Al's side.

"Alfons. Can you hear me?" He laughed at himself, at his attempts to speak with a ghost. He stared at the wall on the other side of the room.

"Al. Let him speak." His voice was soft and wavering. He really had no idea if this could work. He remembered that when he had first come through the gate, the other 'Edward' had tried to come through, had spoken out. Maybe Alfons could do the same.

Al shifted in his sleep, and Ed carefully placed the rag on his forehead. He sighed and hung his head, looking down at his hands. "Alfons. I hope you hear me. I don't know why this is happening. This hell we are in. Why you are still aware of everything...but I'm sorry, Alfons..." He took in a deep breath, fighting back tears and the urge to grab the man's hands into his own. "I'm sorry I left, and that you got hurt just trying to help me. I never should have left. I should have accepted fate and not fought it. Maybe then-maybe then you would still be here." He realized what he was saying in regards to who else inhabited that body. "You have to help Al stay strong though. Thank you. . . for. . . letting him be the one to spend the last weeks with me. . ." He froze when he felt a hand on his back. Eyes darted up to meet the same blue eyes as always, but there was something in them that had been missing since Al had crossed over.

"It's okay, Edward. . . Al will be fine." Alfons's voice was raspy and very weak. He smiled slightly and Ed began to sob.

"I want you both to never leave my side, Alfons! Why can't that be?! Why did my brother have to be put here like this!?!" Alfons rolled over to his side slowly and coughed harshly, spitting something into the bucket. With another rag that hung off the bucket he wiped his mouth.

"It doesn't matter anyways. But he will. . . come back to you. After I die." Alfons dropped his head, and slowly pushed himself up until he was sitting up against the wall. "You can't run from the fact that it will happen, Edward. I'm just sorry I hid it from you for so long."

Ed openly began to cry, and laid back to place his head against Alfons's chest. Alfons wrapped his arms around him.

"Still, even's me holding you...Edward..." Alfons rested his head on against Edward's as he sobbed.

"Is Al awake, in there?" Ed whispered.

"No, he's asleep." And before Ed could speak Alfons grabbed both his shoulder weakly and motioned Ed to sit up. He turned on the bed to face Alfons, sitting as Al had done that first night. Alfons wrapped his arms around Ed's shoulders, bringing him close until their foreheads were touching. Ed simply stared at Alfons, hands bracing them both on the bed.

"Edward. . ." Alfons whispered. Tears had begun falling from the slowly dulling blue eyes.

". . .Ya?"

"Kiss me goodbye." Ed squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back more tears.

"No. It's not time--"

"It is. . . please, Edward." Alfons had tears sliding down his cheeks, and Edward once again began to sob. He felt Alfons tremble.

"I am not going to say good bye. Not yet." he whispered.

"Stop being stubborn, if just for once." Alfons managed a smile.

Ed couldn't help a small laugh, but then pulled away slightly and looked down at the sheets between them.

"Goodbye Alfons. . . " and Edward leaned forward, placing his lips to Alfons's, who returned the kiss softly. Alfons tightened his grip on Ed's shirt and pushed deeper into the kiss, tears streaming openly down his cheeks. Ed brought his hands up to brace Alfons's head, gripping his hair between his fingers. He ignored the taste of iron that plagued his lover's mouth.

"Edward. . .I love you. . ." Alfons spoke between kisses.


Ed opened his eyes at sensing something shift. Alfons suddenly felt limp. . .but his eyes were open.

"Alfons?" He moved away and laid the body down, staring, unbelieving.

"Alfons?! ALFONS!-- AL!!!!!" He screeched and shook the shoulder of his dead lover, his dead brother somewhere within there. He laid his head on Alfons's chest, his hands gripping the arms that had just been wrapped around him, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I love you too. Both of you. I love you."

There's only one more chapter to go, and thanks for reading! feedback is more than welcomed. ^^


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