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Fic: Twist of Fate - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Characters: Ed, Al, Noah, and other Munich characters
Rating: PG [for implied?]
Genre: AU, angst, drama, light humor
Pairings: implied EdxHeidrich
Length of this Chapter: 648

This fic takes place at the end of the FMA movie: Conqueror of Shambala.

Short Summary:
This fic is based off a theory I have as to what would have happened had things ended slightly differently in the movie. . .

Two more weeks had passed, and although Al's coughing was worsening, he still woke up every morning to see Ed before work. Al knew he didn’t have much time left in Alfons's body, and possibly in this world. There was no ratio to determine how possible it was that Ed's theory was true, and it was that lack of knowing that kept him from giving up and just waiting. . . He just had to know.

Alfons was becoming quieter as the days went by, and Al worried that his soul was weakening just as his body was. There were days where he couldn't even coerce him to talk about the rockets he had been so proud of.

Another saturday, and the brothers had planned to go out again for the day. It was colder now, and everyone thought that it would start snowing any time. But that didn't matter. On this day, they decided to go to the market area and browse the many shops. Ed had been wanting to show AL some of the inventions this world had come up with in the place of alchemy.

"Al--you know we can take a cab there, right?" he whined.

"Why, Brother? It's a nice day out. You should enjoy it!" Al turned behind him to smile at Ed, who was moping and falling behind.

"A nice day? We're bundled up! Just because the sun is out--"

"Oh come on Brother! stop being so lazy!" He reached out and grabbed his brother's hand.

"Hey-!" Ed recoiled and flew backwards. Al lowered his hand. This wasnt the first time Ed had avoided his touch recently, and there was always had this pained expression on his face, like hurt and confusion.

"Brother, what is with you?"

Just leave him be about this. . . Al. . .

Al's eyes grew wide. Ed had continued walking with his arms crossed over his chest, eyes cast down. Yet another new habit of recent.

Alfons! What is going on here? Why won't brother let me touch him now?

He could feel the heavy pause in his mind as he waited for a response desperately.

....He is just....confused.

Confused? Why? Because I look like you?! He should understand that by now.

It's not a matter of understanding, Al. It's a matter of accepting.

Al picked up the pace to start to catch up to his brother.

I didn't let you see those memories, Al, because I thought maybe Ed would explain. . .

huh? explain wha--
He stopped in his tracks as Alfons began to play memories for him. Images of them both in an embrace that was not the same as one between Al and Ed. An embrace like the ones he had seen couples on the street in. . .


Do you see why, Al? Why it hurts him? At first I dont think it sunk in, but he realizes that--

Stop it!!

Nothing came after that. Al was holding back tears as he looked to Ed. He ran over to him and grabbed him, wrapping his arms around Ed's waist and sobbing into his back.

"I'm sorry, Brother."

Ed had lifted his hands above his head and didn't know exactly where to put them. After they stood there together a moment like that, he finally decided to simply let them fall to his sides.

"Why are you sorry, Al?"

"Because-because you didn't get to say goodbye to Alfons! But I can!"

Ed froze up. "You didnt do anything wrong, dummy."

He moved out of Al's grip and turned to continue walking towards the market.

He won't...admit it to you...Alfons sounded saddened and very weak.

I don't care....Brother is losing two people if you die and I can't get back through the gate. For his sake, I have to make this work!!! You have to help me stay strong.

*nervous wibble* thanks again for reading, feedback is most welcomed! ^^

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