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Fic: Twist of Fate - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Characters: Ed, Al, Noah, and other Munich characters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, drama, light humor
Pairings: none this chapter.
Length of this Chapter: 677

This fic takes place at the end of the FMA movie: Conqueror of Shambala.

Short Summary:
This fic is based off a theory I have as to what would have happened had things ended slightly differently in the movie. . .

Over a week had passed since the doctor had been by. Edward clung to his brother more and more every day, but Al didn’t mind. By day, Al was trying to walk on his own again and regain his strength, while Ed worked down at the movie studio with Fritz. By night, the brothers and Noah sat together in the bedroom telling stories and listening to her sing songs.

On a Saturday morning, Edward rolled over and opened his eyes only to see that there was no one beside him. He sat up frantically at the sound of dishes clanging downstairs.

"Al?!" He screeched out as he swung his legs off the bed.

"Down here Brother!" This was followed by the sound of harsh coughing, and Noah’s voice giving soft words. Edward grabbed a white tee shirt and a pair of slacks off the floor, tossing them on before rushing downstairs.

In the kitchen, he was greeted by a wonderful sight. Al was up and dressed, helping Noah cook breakfast at the stove.

"Breakfast is just about ready!" Al turned to Ed, a huge grin on his face. Edward looked at his brother,then to Noah, then back to Al, and then ran forward and threw his arms around his neck.

“Careful Brother! This pan is hot!” Al laughed, holding back another coughing fit as he forced a smile.

Breakfast hadn’t tasted so good in years to the Elric brothers.


After breakfast, Noah volunteered to clean up and shooed the brothers outside."Al needs fresh air before it gets too cold out!" she had shouted. Ed then realized that Al had not been outside in this world yet, and determined that if he did in fact only have a few more weeks [something that Ed was constantly trying to forget] he needed to make it the best time. Ed hoped that his theory was correct in that once Alfons's body...dont think about it too much. . . Al would meet his own back at the gate, and could return to living a normal life in Amestris. . .

“It seems so different here somehow. . .” Al commented as they walked down the street, looking up at the buildings.

“It’s the color, isn’t it?”

". . .Ya. . .” Al’s nose scrunched up slightly and his brows furrowed; Ed thought how funny it looked seeing such an ‘Al’ expression on the face of Alfons and snickered.

As they walked down the street towards a park Ed enjoyed visiting, Officer Hughes was heading towards them with some flowers in hand. Hughes seemed to have left his other society by the wayside after the events that took place, and that was fine by him. Without thinking, Ed waved and rushed up to him for a quick chat.

"Hey Officer! Off to see Grecia?" Ed smirked as he met him and went to nudge a neighboring arm, but there was not one there. Ed looked to both sides of him.

"Hi Edward! And what's it to you??" He lifted his chin, looking over Ed's head. "Hey Alfons! What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!" Hughes laughed as Ed turned to see Al, frozen in place, looking indeed as though. . .

"Shit..." Ed dashed back.

"It's ok!" he whispered, shaking Al lightly by the shoulder. "This is just someone who looks like Hughes. Like how Alfons looks like you. It's not Hughes from home." He placed both hands on Al's shoulders now and shook. “You have to pull yourself together.” Al finally nodded, slowly, but his eyes never left the officer who held the same face of a man he remembered mourning for. Ed lowered his arms and stood to Al's side.

"Okay. . ." Al raised a hand and waved. "Hi Major Hughes!"

"Officer!!" Ed elbowed him.

"Officer!!" Al instinctively saluted. Ed hung his head and sighed, then chuckled as he swung an arm around Al's shoulders. Hughes waved with a confused look on his face as the brothers ran past him, now laughing and howling out loud.

Thanks for reading, and again feedback is definetly appreciated! *bounce*

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