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Hey guys! It's Chiiko here with another Mechanical Passion posting! And that means...a het canon pairing! XD

Drabbles 11-20

11.) Pinky Promise

Whenever he left, there tended to be no words: rather, a silent promise to come home. She had often found that good enough. Until now. On his way out the door, she whirled him around by the shoulders and held out her pinky.

“Come home, kay?” And they shook on it. One auto-mail, the other flesh.


12.) Love

What is it really, though? Love isn’t a sweet whisper, love isn’t a new automail part, and love isn’t an illusion of grandeur. Love is a whisper of hope; love is a light in the dark. To me, love is when that scruffy boy walks through the door with eyes burning with a combination of fear and love. Love is Ed Elric, truly it is.


13.) Wonderful

“Everything will be wonderful someday” he whispered in her ear. When her parents died, she felt her world turned on it’s head. But nowadays, with Ed and Al finally home, she felt everything was the way it should be. Everything…had really always been wonderful. She just didn’t see it.


14.) Fear

Edward was her safe ground. A stone pillar who would never back down. One night, while sitting over a cup of coffee, she asked if he feared anything. His response was quiet, almost a mumble, but clear.

“Losing you.”


15.)Special Spot (Long Drabble)

The lightning and thunder danced a furious tango as the tornado whipped closer to the yellow house. Ed and Winry were in the basement, the latter curled tightly next to the former. Ed patted her head as he stood up, clapped his hands to the ground and the sheet and created a bed. He made a motion and Winry scurried in, hiding under the covers as he eased in next to her. She curled against his chest, shoulders racking with sobs. The house was undamaged by the tornado, but that night held a special place in their hearts, and the bed in the basement became their “special spot”


16.) Opposites

‘Her lips are soft’

‘His skin is rough’

‘Her curves are beautiful’

‘His shoulders are lopsided…'

‘She should wear her jumpsuit more often…’

‘He needs to wear more than red and black'

They say opposites attract. They prove that theory, for sure.


17.) Colorful

Winry is a being of color. Pastel greens and baby blues, bubblegum pink and flax yellow. Ed is a being of shadows, of fire. Reds and blacks and deep golds. Winry whisks those shadows away with her colors and sunny personality. With that Winry Rockbell magic, that magic they call “love”


18.) Hands

He could see the hatred in her eyes, the tears rolling down her cheeks. She held the gun with shaking hands, wavering over the trigger. He tackled her and the gun clattered to the floor.

“Your hands are made for healing…not for murder, like mine.” He whispered softly

But his hands aren’t truly made for killing: his are for healing too.


19.)Telling The Truth

Ohemgee, Chapter 58 SPOILER!

Ed couldn’t believe the calm tone of Riza’s voice when she stated the obvious. He turned red, and now vaguely remembers spitting coffee on Black Hayate. He ended up giving his answer, so quietly that she barely heard it.

“Yes, Riza. I do love Winry. I fell for her a long time ago”


20.) Equivalent Exchange

-Equivalent Exchange-

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. The founding principle of alchemy and his own life. Everything Ed does goes by it. He decided that even though he had to give up his life at home and then in the military(which wasn’t that bad…no more Mustang!) he came back home to Winry. Ahh, equivalent exchange. It’s a wonderful thing.


There you go! <3 Enjoy it, and I'll make the next post later today.



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