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Fic: Twist of Fate Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Characters: Ed, Al, Noah, and other Munich characters
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, angst, drama, light humor
Pairings: none this chapter.
Length of this Chapter: 598 [i'm at work and have word yay!]

This fic takes place at the end of the FMA movie: Conqueror of Shambala.

Short Summary:
This fic is based off a theory I have as to what would have happened had things ended slightly differently in the movie. . ..

The rocket worked. . . that’s a relief. But now I can not reap the reward since our supporter vanished. . .

So you’re ‘Al’. . . </i>

Bright blue eyes flew open followed by a gasp. Ed sat up immediately. Apparently he was only lightly sleeping beside him. “Al, you okay?” Al didn’t move, but his eyes shifted to lock on his brother.

“He built rockets, right? The one you were flying back home, he made.” Ed nodded.

“So he’s still in there. . . or at least his memories are. . .” Al closed his eyes. The voice of Alfons sounded so soft and sad, it pained him at times to hear it and to see the memories that came through of a life that was no longer.

“How is your side? The doctor is coming today to check on you.”

“Oh, it’s feeling better. I can move easier, at least.”

It had been 5 days since Al had regained consciousness. Each night they slept in the same bed, and it comforted them both. A part of Al knew Ed was afraid he could disappear at any time, and that was why he stayed with him. It seemed harder for Ed to leave for work every morning knowing that Al was sitting at home, his sickness getting worse.

Each day though, Al was comforted in some strange way by the voice of one Alfons Heidrich, who would softly talk him through the coughing attacks. Al remembered that cough; he had felt it before when he was back home, in his dreams, and remembered how strange it was that it was so similar to Teacher’s cough. The first time Al coughed

Alfons seemed to be very accepting of this situation, and when Al was quiet, he would hear stories and see memories of the man’s life. It was all very surreal, and yet it helped. Al would return the favor as well, sharing the adventures of he and his brother, laughing out loud when Alfons would laugh.

“I’ll make some breakfast for us!” Edward jumped out of bed, and Al heard his footsteps running downstairs.

He seems much happier now.

He wasn’t before?

Not really. He always talked about you. . . I can see why this is hard for him.

I wish we could fix this easily. Brother deserves to finally be happy.

We could. If his theory is correct

But you would die!

I am dying already, Al. Only time will tell when.

Alphonse sobbed into his pillow as he waited for breakfast.


“The wound is healing well, Edward.” The doctor said as he closed the bedroom door. “However, that cough is getting worse.”

“The medicine isn’t working?”

“It was never a guarantee, you knew that. I’m sorry.” Edward hung his head while clenching his fists.

“How long?”

“I would say another month or so. He is coughing up more blood and tissue, and soon there won't be much left.” Edward simply nodded. The doctor placed a hand on his flesh shoulder for a moment before descending the stairs.

“How do I save two lives. . .” Ed whispered, lifting his head to stare at the bedroom door, hands shaking at his sides.


I heard the doctor. And you did too. You need to stay strong even though this body is weak. You have to be strong so you can come back.

What if it doesn’t work? Then you would have sacrificed your life-

I am not sacrificing anything! You need to understand that I accepted my fate long ago. That's why I was building rockets, so I would be remembered, somehow. . .

*nervous wiggle*

feedback still welcomed. thanks so much everyone!

Chapter 1 is here.

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