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Yeah the Fullmetal Alchemist cast all in for a fun game of dodgeball. Actually this is a dream of mine I had not too long ago. I have no idea how I ended up having such a dream, but I did. From what I remember it was mostly military people playing like Roy, Hughes, Havoc, Hawkeye...them. And of course Ed was in it too! It's a bit fuzzy though. =( But then somehow I was in the dream (in one way or another) and I fell asleep on a bench in a park somewhere and Roy put his coat over me so I woudln't get cold. ^.^; (Yea, I'm dreamin' alright XD), excuse me and my Roy fangirlism. >=D

But yes that was my random short dream (but what dreams aren't random, eh?) If anyone would like to draw a fanart of that or make a fanfic out of it please do, it sounds a bit amusing. XD The dodgeball part of it anyway. Don't mind the Roy x Me thing. Ignore it. Lalalala. I just thought I would share this with you all. <3


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