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Is this thing on? *taps microphone* Okay, hello out there, EdxWinry fans! I have a bundle of joy  and a bit of ficcage for you all!

First: My Mechanical Passion Drabbles are COMPLETE! That's right! It means you'll be seeing the next 10 here very soon.

Moving on, I come bearing...A ONESHOT! Yey!

Title: Advice

chiiko_chan (aka AMC)
Character/Pairing- EdxWinry
Rating: Uh...PG-ish for Ed's potty mouth. XD
Warnings- Al has his body back...that's it. =]


By: AngolMoaChan

Summary: Even the great FullMetal Alchemist needs advice once in a while. (EdxWinry)

The call to Alphonse Elric’s office came not even ten minutes after he had arrived in and set down his medic bag. With a long, lazy yawn the amber eyed boy picked up the receiver and groggily answered, “Hello?”

“Al! I think I’m in love with Winry!”

This woke him up right away. “Geez Ed, it took four years after I got my body back to figure that out?”

“AGH! Dammit Al, that isn’t the point!”

Al could practically feel his brother’s blush, “…okay nii-san, calm down…”


Nose sigh, “Nii-san…just relax. What do you need?”

“I-don’t-know-how-to-tell-her!” he grunted

“Well…” Al leaned against his desk, “You should get her a gift or something. Maybe take her to Rush Valley.”

He heard the sound of a pencil scratching on paper, “…okay. What else?”

“Just be really nice to her, nii-san. And then when you think the time is right just tell her. You don’t have to be too romantic about it, just say you would like to take her on a date or something”

“A d-d-date?” Ed squeaked, “A-are you serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious! Take her out to dinner!”


“Go on. Take her out today. Good luck!” and with that Al hung up the phone, a satisfied smile on his face, “It took them long enough…”

Many weeks later, Al received another call, this one at three o’clock in the morning. He contemplated just ignoring it and going back to sleep, but there was a good chance it was one of his patients. So, he rolled over and felt around until he found the receiver, and picked up with a bleary “…hello?”


“Aiee! Nii-san! Why are you still awake!” he jumped up in the air out of shock, “Shouldn’t you be asleep by now?”

“Yeah…but that isn’t the point! Look, Al, I want to propose to Winry.”

“W-what! That’s fantastic!” Al smiled, “I’m so glad! Did you get her a nice ring? I hope its diamonds, girls really like tho--”

“Alphonse! Listen to me!”


“Look…can you help me out again?”

He sighed loudly, putting a hand to his forehead and sitting back down, “Can’t you get advice from Roy or something?”

“From that bastard? Hell no!”

“Fine…how to propose to a girl 101. Tell me, do you have any idea of what to do?”

“Well…I know the whole get down on one knee and “Will you marry me” spiel…”

“Okay, that’s a start. Well…do you want it to be private?”


“…that’s what I thought…” Al winced, putting the receiver back on his ear, “Wait…its December, right? That means the whole mistletoe thing is going on…”

“What? Come on Al, tell me! Winry’s gonna wake up!”

“Okay. Hide the ring in a bunch of mistletoe and hang it up in a doorway. But wait until night: It’s supposed to snow. You know the whole thing; you have to kiss someone you are standing under the mistletoe with. Kiss her and--”

“Kiss her…” Ed’s dreamy, almost quixotic sigh came through the other line with a rush of air, “Hm….”

“Nii-san! Focus!”

“Huh! Oh…sorry…”

“So after you kiss Winry, give her the mistletoe. She’ll see the ring in the leaves…and once she does, take the ring and do the formal proposal.”

“…alright…Thanks Al! You’re the best!”


Dial tone.

Al stared at the receiver and smiled, “Who’s the older brother here…I can’t seem to remember.”

“Meow!” one of his small kittens started to purl around his calf, begging for his attention

“Heh, you’re right Goldie. I’m sure it’ll go fine.”

It was exactly one month and four days later, (not that anyone was counting, mind you) that Al received an invitation in the mail.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell

October 3, 1922

Along with it was a small note, kissed with a bit of lipstick:


Thanks for the advice


You may have seen this fic at the vole pit, aka It's also x-posted to wrench_geek and ed_winry

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