Terra (unmei_no_yume) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Shall We Dance?

Ok well having read through the comments on my previous post about the Openings and Endings, I've got a great idea for a competition (of course its complex and utterly ridiculous and will never happen but I can imagine can't I? I have to do something while in class or at work ^.^)

Anyway so the idea would be to get three sets of FMA cosplayers -it'd be best if each set had one Ed, one Al restored or not, one Roy... or something... Just so that all three would be a different group of the same characters but it's not necessary...did any of that make sense? Let me try this:

Group 1: Ed, Al, Winly Roy
Group 2: same as above,
Group 3: same as above

However, it's not necessary... just so long as they're FMA characters =P

Each group will be assigned an Opening song (ie Group 1: Melissa, Group 2: RSG etc) and each group must choreograph a dance for their respective songs... And then they have to "battle" and perform their dances to the songs and the winner is the best dance group... XD Depending on how drawn out you want to make this, if you want just one battle, just assign the TV version of the songs. But if you want multiple, each song has at least two verses or whatever, so first battle would be first verse and chorus, then second battle will be second verse and chorus. OR you can have the same dance for all three songs. Since they're different tempos, you see which song fits the dance best... or something...

I know, I know I'm a freak, but I just couldn't help but imagine all these characters onstage somewhere performing their dances to these songs! It'd be great for either a skit contest or a karaoke contest or something wouldn't it? Ok so it's probably just me ^.^ But anyway yeah that's my spectacular idea and what's funny is I think I'm going to try and actually choreograph some moves for some of the songs just cause its fun (not that I know what I'm doing because quite frankly I never know what I'm doing). But does anyone out there see my grand vision or am I really really that lame? (don't answer that last part... hehe)

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