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07 October 2006 @ 02:37 pm
What's up with fandom wars?  
I will not ask anyone to stop doing anything at all, because I'm pretty sure no one will. I won't do it either because that's a lack of respect. In my position, I have no right to go around telling people to shut up or stop acting like themselves. No one has that right unless they're our parents. xD

But I just felt the need to say this.

Looking at all those posts bashing and bitching other people in the FMA fan-dom makes me want to ask: Why?
It doesn't annoy me, it doesn't make me mad, it just... puzzles me.
Seriously, it makes no sense. And the people who read this, and take it personally, it's just as puzzling. I just don't get it.

Can someone tell me what's the use of all the bashing?

If something annoys people so much, then why instead of just ignoring it like a reasonable human being they go around trying to change it in an ineffective way?

Annoyance is no reason to be rude to other people, that's what I think. If the comments of RoyEd fan-girls annoy you then don't read them. They won't kill you.

And it's just interesting how some people who read the bashing commentaries get defensive. Why is that?
If someone makes comments in a really rude way then you should already know that it's not worth it to listen to them.

That's how the fan-wars start and they're just... hilarious. It's senseless. Someone bashes, the person who's bashed then strikes back, more people join and it goes on. How can a "war" be started by FANS? I thought we already had ONE thing in common. I thought it was enough for all of us to get along well. It's puzzling.

What would you do if it was the real world then? The way it's looking it's as if you hated each other.

Thanks for your attention.

The following link is redirected to the community that motivated me to put this up.
It's relative whether you get offended or not. Just try not to make a chain-effect.
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Kasumi Lovegood: chap62kasumicc on October 7th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
The thing that all of us like the same series, isn't enough to guarantee that we'll get along well o.o

Bashing is inevitable inside a fandom. Some manga fans bash the anime, some yaoi fans bash het pairings, some sub fans bash the dub...and come on, it's a little naive to expect that the bashed-thing fans won't answer o.o Even if it's in a polite way. I do it xD

That community was specifically created to bash without worrying about replies xD If you have something to say, you can.
Because bashing in open forums is a real problem. Myself, I've fought a lot with other FMA fans. Defending points of view and all of that...

I'd love to have a fandom where everybody gets along well :D But it's like asking the impossible o.o
Meg: Lucifer: Column of Firemegkips on October 7th, 2006 10:53 pm (UTC)
I'd love to have a fandom where everybody gets along well :D But it's like asking the impossible o.o

Very teeny-tiny fandoms tend to be pretty calm. I know the Lucifer fandom is small and free of wank.

I'll also agree with you that bashing is inevitable within most fandoms, especially in very popular ones, especially anime/eastern comics.