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Hi there! Been a lot of talk recently about FMA being licenced, eh? ^^; Lucky Sonchou is still subbing it..

Anyway, a few questions:
- anyone has screencaps of Kimbly from episode 30? I liked him from the 5th Lab incident already, and gods, he's hot with hair tied up XD *fangirls* so if anyone's seen screencaps of him or have taken screencaps, I'd like to have them. XDXD Thanks in advance.
- to those who make icons. What fonts do you normally use? I'm looking for that white one with the black border and looks vaguely square-ish.. also, how do you make an icon have transparent background in Photoshop? Thanks in advance again.

^^;; Sorry for so many questions. I'll post icons and stuff after Friday, I promise! (Exams finish on Friday XD)
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