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elricest fanfiction

Title: “Frozen Lemonade” part three of “Lemonade”
Author: esteltinuviel beta whatshername209
Type of work: fanfiction
Pairing: EdxAl (elricest)
Genre: romance/angst
Rating: PG-13 (the overall series is rated R)
Words: 2490
Warnings: ELRICEST AND YAOI. Don’t like, don’t read.

Dedicated to my lj friend and lovely mod ssjkawaiitenshi who loves this series.

Frozen Lemonade

Alphonse Elric awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the pear tree outside his window, curled up against his brother, Edward Elric’s side. He stretched, sore from sleeping in such a tight position. He had used Ed’s head as a pillow, and could now say it was actually quite comfortable, for a while, at least. He again drew his legs close to his bare body. Al turned his head, looking sideways at Ed, who was still sound asleep, his body moving in time with each breath. Alphonse watched this rhythmic exercise, a slight smile on his lips.

You’re so beautiful when you sleep, Brother, Al mused, his eyes staring at Ed’s own closed lids. You’d be upset if you knew I said this, he chuckled, but you’ve got the face of an angel. Indeed as Al watched him he could invision luminescent wings carrying his brother upwards towards a heaven. Not that Al really did believe in heaven, it was just that the golden sunlight had given Edward a glowing aura. “Too beautiful for words,” Al whispered out loud.

“Mmm, Al...” Ed murmured, stirring from his sleep.

Alphonse jumped up in surprise. “Ed--y-you’re awake!” he stammered, a rosy blush creeping across his face.

Ed’s eyelids flickered, but stayed closed. “I am now that you’ve moved,” he muttered. Al caught the crankiness in his voice, same as always, and it made him smile. Ed opened his eyes, looking up at the form of his brother outlined against the sunshine.

Al laughed at the expression on Ed’s face: he was pouting, his eyes still blinking from the bright light and suddenly not being asleep. “I’ve got to make breakfast, Brother,” he told him.

Ed groaned. “Can’t I do it?” he whined.

“You can’t cook to save your life, Ed,” Al reminded him.

Ed’s hand moved to Al’s arm, gently pulling him back down to lay in the bed. He nuzzled up against his neck, pressing his lips to the smooth skin. “Then stay,” he whispered in his ear.

Al could feel his muscles relax with every passing second. It was growing increasingly hard for him to resist. He sighed, giving in to his brother’s request. “I guess breakfast can wait,” he conceded before sliding down under the warm sheets to meet Ed in a kiss.


Al stood at the kitchen counter, making breakfast, which had turned out to be more like brunch. He was frying eggs and bacon, one of their favorites. Ed stood next to him, watching the food hungrily while wishing to help in some way.

“Anything I can do?” Ed asked.

Focused on the frying pan, Al responded positively, “I’m good thanks.”

“You sure?” Ed fidgeted. He didn’t like standing around and just waiting for things to happen. Why do nothing when you can do anything?

“Yes, Ed,” Al replied, getting slightly annoyed. “If I wanted your help I’d ask for it,” he muttered under his breath.

Ed silently came up from behind him, bringing his arms around to encircle his younger brother’s form. Al stiffened at the sudden motion, dropping the spatula in the process. “Are you okay, Al?” he breathed in his ear.

No, Al thought, I’m not okay, alright, because I don’t think you’re okay, but he didn’t voice his concerns. Deftly ducking out of his brother’s embrace, Al resumed cooking. Ed tentatively reached out a hand, but Al swatted it away. “Go sit down Brother, or I’ll make you drink milk.” Ed shot him a look at that remark, but returned to the table anyway. Al sighed as he turned the bacon over and placed it on the plate. Now I’ve ruined things.

“Thanks,” Ed muttered as Al served the bacon and eggs before taking his own seat across the table from Ed. Al silently ate his own breakfast, angry at himself for snapping at him. Ed meanwhile, hadn’t touched his food; instead he had his nose buried in the morning newspaper.

“Ed...” Al began.

Ed looked up from his paper, seeing Al staring down at his own plate. His eyes looked full of far off pain. Damn, I hope he’s not mad at something I did, Ed thought, I was kind of, well, selfish, this morning-- he stopped, feeling a rosy blush creep up his face. He laughed when Al looked up at him, seeing his embarrassment and hastily shoved a piece of bacon in his mouth. “Seriously, Al,” he said, mouth full of food, then swallowed. “Are you okay?”

Al looked back down at his plate, his hands nervously clenched in his lap. “You’re not going to like it,” he said.

“Try me,” Ed responded, trying to sound positive. I hate it when he says that--I always start thinking something bad will happen and it makes things worse.

Al was silent, then he spoke softly. “When are we going to tell Winry, Brother?”

Ed let out the air he’d been holding in. He looked away. “You’re right, I don’t like it.”

His younger brother looked up at him expectantly. “You are going to tell her right?”

Ed’s vision was fixated on the pear tree outside. It’s green leaves shown in the vibrance of spring and new life. I wish we could be like that all the time, Ed thought wistfully, and not have to go through this. The sun reflected off the new buds; he saw a bee buzz past, looking for blossoms to pollinate. But there were no blossoms on that tree yet for it had yet to bloom.

“... Right?” Al asked him again, bringing Edward back to reality.

“Not yet,” Ed whispered. It’s too soon--I’m still trying to deal with all that’s happened. it’s been a while, but we’re just now getting used to things, eve if that’s not the real reason...

“But it’s already been a few weeks!” Al protested. It had been a while since the event that had since been labeled “the Lemonade Incident” although it did turn out okay. More than okay, Al remembered. That had been when Ed first kissed him, sitting in the same spot, at the same table, in the same kitchen. Then why was now so different?

Ed wouldn’t look at his brother. How can I look at him? How can I tell him the reason I-- “No, I want to wait.”

“Why?!’ Al pleaded, his eyes full of hurt. Ed still wouldn’t meet his gaze, he couldn’t, not when he knew he had hurt his brother. “Why?!” Al continued to ask, his voice becoming all the more desperate with each question.

“I--I,” Ed stammered. “I don’t know!” he finally said, defeated in his own battle.

“But you do know, Ed!” Edward jerked his head up, willing himself to confront his brother’s stare. “You know and you won’t tell me why!”

“That’s--” Ed balled his hands into fists. “That’s not true!”

“Then why won’t you tell me, Edward?” Al asked once again, the pain his heart coming out in his voice.

Edward stared down at the mahogany grain on the kitchen table, unable to bear his brother’s penetrating gaze. “I--I can’t, Al,” he whispered.

Al bit his lip to keep from crying. Why won’t brother tell me?! He’s keeping something from me and it’s not like I won’t listen to him. I love him, so why won’t he tell me?!! Al’s voice shook as he spoke. “You don’t care, you don’t care about us!”

Ed’s could see things spiraling out of control; he wished to be able to tell him, but the impact would be devastating. I’m doing this for his own good, he rationalized. “No, Al! I love you!” he answered back, his own voice sounding strange in his throat.

“Then show it once in a while!” All attacked him, beyond rational thought.

“I do!” Ed yelled, equally angry.

“Sex isn’t everything, Ed!!!” Al screamed, feeling tears prick the corner’s of his eyes. He shoved his chair back and thrust open the front door, slamming it behind him as he bolted.

Ed bit his lip, angry at his own actions. But this time he wasn’t going to sit around and cry about it. Ed leapt up from his own chair, leaving their now cold breakfast, and ran after his brother.

“Get back here, Al!” Ed called to the figure up ahead.

Al stood, bent over and panting, resting from his initial sprint from the house. He gave a small cry upon hearing Ed’s voice and started running again.

Ed gritted his teeth and accelerated, closing the distance between them. I’m not going to let you leave... I won’t let you run away and not explain myself! “Stop, Al!”

Al turned around to shout back, “Make me!” however, he was quite surprised at how close his brother was to him now. Al soon figured out how skilled of a runner Ed could be.

“Then I will!” Ed yelled, pushing off from the ground to lunge, jump, and tackle Al. Thrown off balance by the sudden addition of Edward’s weight to his own, the pair fell over. They lay a tangled pile on the grass by the side of the road. Al struggled under Ed’s weight, despite their difference in height. Ed was truly unwilling to let his brother escape, so he sat, straddling his waist thus pinning him down. Al blushed despite his frustration.

“Let go of me!” Al protested, using his arms to assail his brother.

“No!” Ed replied rather forcefully, grabbing Alphonse's arms to hold him back.

“Let me GO!” Al screamed at him, struggling to break free from his grasp.

“I’m not letting you go until you calm down!’ He dodged a hand as Al wrestled an arm free. He can’t possibly really want me to let him go? He’s not really that mad... or her is? “You’re just being stupid!” he said through gritted teeth.

“Don’t call me stupid, stupid!” Al retorted, twisting beneath his brother. “Ow!” he cried out.

Ed immediately let go of him and jumped back. “Sorry,” he mumbled his apology. Both were silent, sitting apart from each other, breathing heavily. Al stared at the ground; Ed looked anxiously at the road, glimpsing the outline of the Rockbell house in the distance.

“Why don’t you want Winry to know, brother?” Al asked, breaking the silence.

Rather than run from it anymore, Ed decided to go ahead and tell him. “Don’t hate me for saying this--” Al opened his mouth to speak otherwise but Ed cut him off. “I--” he began, then sighed. “I always thought me or you would end up with Winry.”

Al let out a long breath of air. “Is this what's been bothering you all these weeks?”

Ed turned to look his brother in the eye. “Yes,” he admitted.

“Have you been afraid of what she’ll say or--” he stopped, then continued, his voice a hushed whisper. “Or have you been afraid of what we are?”

Ed was silent, drawing up his knees to his chest. “Not what we are but... but what it means.”

“Oh,” Al seemed disappointed.

Ed hastily tried to correct his statement, “I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that I never expected to fall in love with my brother, much less...” he looked away, unable to continue.

Al silently reached over and grabbed Ed’s hand, entwining their fingers. Ed looked up at the sudden, and unexpected, motion. “Al?”

“You can’t help who you fall in love with, Ed,” Al reminded him.

“Yeah, but--” Ed tried to say.

Al stopped him. I understand now. It was never a question of if he really loved me or cared about us. It was about the world. You carry the world on your shoulders, Brother. “Just like I couldn’t help falling in love with an egotistical genius with a short-complex,” Al joked.

Ed playfully punched him on the arm. I should have known he would understand... Al knows me better than I know myself, I think. “Guess I couldn’t help falling in love with a whiny animal-lover with a lemon fetish,” Ed’s lips curled upwards in a smile.

“You like lemons, too, Ed. That’s why you ate three slices of pie last night!” Al moved over to lean against his brother’s shoulder. “So are we going to tell Winry?” he asked after a while.

Ed’s bangs rippled in the light breeze that crept up. The scent of pear blossoms was in the spring air. Smells like home, he inhaled, and Al’s shampoo. “Yeah,” Edward said, bringing an arm around to hug Alphonse closer. “We’ll tell her, right now if you want.” Even if the world’s against you, family doesn’t have to be.

“Really?” Al’s face brightened.

“Sure,” Ed assured him. He laughed, “Just forgive me for being such an idiot this morning!”

Al’s smile was mischievous on his face. “Only if you kiss me.”

Ed blushed despite himself. “You’re the one who pushed me away at breakfast,” he muttered.

“Kiss me or I won’t let you have any more lemon pie.”

“Since when did you get to be so demanding, Al?” The conversation seemed oddly familiar....

“Since you did, Ed.”

“Then just come here so I can kiss you!” Ed rested his flesh hand against the back of Al’s neck, leaning in to kiss him lightly on the lips. Al wrapped his own arms around his brother’s form, bringing him down so that Ed loomed above him as Al lay in the grass. Ed began to kiss him deeper; Al tentatively moved his tongue to explore Ed’s mouth. One of Al’s hands reached to touch Edward’s skin, to feel it and delight in his warmth.

“Al?” Ed whispered in his ear, moving to kiss the soft skin of his temple. “We’re in the grass, by the road, half a mile from our house” He didn’t exactly want to end it, but he knew when to be practical. He also realized the scene which might ensue if someone were to drive by the road to which they were laying so close.

Al blinked. “So we should go ahead and go to Winry’s to tell her?”

“Right,” Ed agreed, rolling over and standing up. He extended his hand to Al, who took it, and helped him up. “What do you think she’ll say?”

Al was just as clueless as he was, and scared. “I don’t know... Winry can be just like Teacher sometimes--scary as hell, but she loves us all the same.”

Ed turned to Al. “Al, if anything happens, I want you to know that I love and you make the best lemon meringue pie in the world!”

Al gulped. “She’s going to kill us! But I love you and if we survive I’ll make lemonade for us when we get home!”

Ed nodded, the pair walking to Winry’s house hand in hand. The scent of pear blossoms was in the air and the thoughts of more than lemonade on their minds.

Lemonade--Part One Lemonade--Part Two:Lemon Meringue

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