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Hmmm, ok now that I've listened to Undo and Motherland separately from the anime, I have to say, I like Undo now, however, I still do not like it for an opening. As upbeat as it is, it's not up to par with Melissa or Ready Steady Go. I mean just look at all the times Ed yawns in the opening ^.^ Lol. And as for the guy's voice, I don't want to say it's annoying, but something about it just doesn't click with me... (but this is coming from someone who likes Asian Kung Fu Generation so don't ask hehe) They do harmonize and that's always a big deal with me cause I love harmony XD But Undo is definitely better than Bukkowareru Tsuki I think... =P If Undo had been the first opening then it was Melissa then Ready Steady Go or something then I think I wouldn't have so many qualms...?

Anyway as for Motherland. I like the song - its pretty but it really is too slow for FMA. I mean I think it may work as a a song for Winly or something but for an ending song? Well, not for me at least... It's like with everything that happens in the episode (just a little angst, you know, nothing much =P) it seems so...odd to hear such a slow song... I mean I guess it's a way to "calm" you down or something, but I dunno... it's an odd transition. I'm still a huge Kesenai Tsumi fan. I got tired of Motherland a slight bit faster than I did with Tobira no Mukou He... ^.^;;;

Ok you guys can totally argue your viewpoints with me if you'd like or tell me how lame I am cause... well, I am lame, hehe... but I just wanted to put this out there because we had so many posts regarding these songs when they first came out. While I posted my original opinion then, I really wasn't ready to stick to that so now, having heard it separate from the anime, as I expected, I viewed the songs in a different light.

(Haha I was just thinking about what other artists might be good for a new opening or something and suddenly Gackt came onto my playlist. Can you imagine GACKT with an FMA song? Hahaha. Don't get me wrong I don't think it would be bad...just...unusual? Lol.)

Jya, anyone have ideas or preferences as to whom they would like to write a song for FMA Op or Ed just for fun? Or perhaps there is an existing song which you think would be appropriate (any language is cool with me actually just in case anyone was wondering...) And in case those suggested songs are not known to us, anyone willing to offer a hookup? =P

Sorry this is so long, but really quickly I apologize ahead of time as it is 5:15am here and I'm sure a whole lot of people are going to miss this post... so I may repost it later or something as I am curious about people's opinions and would like to get as many as possible. I also am sorry if my inquiries have been posted before, as I said it's 5:15 am... and I just watched Audition which is freaky beyond words so I needed a change...)

EDIT: I'm so happy so many people posted replies! Not only am I not alone but now I've got a bunch of new songs/artists I need to listen to~ yea! Thanks guys! Oh and this just came off the top of my head (I'm sure I have other ideas lying around somewhere) but Siam Shade could totally do a good opening! Or even a song by Koyasu Takehito (or even Miki Shinichiro or Tomokazu Seki just cause I'm such a huge fan of theirs ^^) Do As Infinity could definitely do a good FMA ending as well. Hmm if Luna Sea was still around I wonder if they could do it... Ok enough out of me ^_^

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