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Lust Fanart

Hi guys... I'm not that great at drawing FMA fanart for whatever reason... many of my attempts have failed miserably. However, I'm particularly proud of this one even if it doesn't resemble Lust as much as it should. =P But I'd appreciate it greatly if you guys took a look see.

I originally sketched this on my sketchbook but the scan is just hideous. But here it is anyway: Lust pencil art This was my first attempt w/ art nouveau style...

Lust Lineart - Please see this first because it has all the details. A lot of said details were lost in the colored version...

Lust Colored - WIP - Keep in mind tihs is a WIP. I need to fix the symbol and a lot of other things still. Hopefully it'll be nice enough to make into a print...someday =P

Oh and old FMA fanart: HERE

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