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Chapter 21 does exist!

It might have taken us over two months to write it, but Chapter 21 is worth the wait.

“We Can Make This Thing Into A Party”
Arc One: Chapter Twenty-One
Balance of Power

WARNING: Post Series, Post Movie **SPOILER HEAVY** and slightly AU

Part One
Part Two

A/N: Since we are currently running "The Ducky List" contest here, and the contest ends October 21 (hint, hint), here are the Cracked Bunnies Top 5 Reasons Why Chapter Twenty-One Is So Late:

5. Ed touched the computer and destroyed the motherboard.
4. We let Ducky try to write it.
3. Bond kept threatening to blow us up if he didn't get tea soon.
2. The Shadows kept deleting the file.
1. We all had lots of RL stuff happen at once.
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