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Mechanical Passion--Drabbles 1-10

It's about time I did this! My precious story, Mechanical Passion is finally going up on LJ!  *applause*

So, EdxWinry fans I give you drabbles 1-10! <3
Title: Mechanical Passion
Author: </a></strong></a>chiiko_chan
Pairing: EdxWinry
Fandom: FMA
Chapter Names: Sharp, Smile, Repairs, 100 Years, Passion, Sunday Morning, Ripple, Interesting Combination, Photograph


His angles are sharp. Hers are round. In geometry, she and he make a triangle and a square. Those simple shapes hold his life together. They don’t always mesh together, but when arranged right, sharp and round coexist in perfect harmony.



He had always wanted to get a genuine smile out of his nii-san. Oh, lord, did Al try! But on that icy winter morning, Winry wrapped her arms around his shoulders and whispered lovingly in his ear. And he smiled. A warm, happy smile.

Too bad Al didn’t see.


3.) Repairs

Winry decided that her spot was going to be perched on his lap, straddling his legs while she worked. Winning said spot required three wrench throwings, streams of colorful curses and a very flushed Edward. When Roy walked into his office, he found them in this situation.

“Hey! Come witness FullMetal’s deflowerment!”


4.)100 years

A lifetime is only 100 years. And every moment should be lived to the fullest. Finding love is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even if you get a century. Luckily for Ed, his needle was right next door.


5. Waiting

It seems like all she does is wait. Waiting for that damn lug nut to come in. Waiting for Ed and Al to come home. Waiting for that gift called male hormones to FINALLY kick in. When it happened, Winry was there. She welcomed him with open arms.

“Are you sure?”

“Ed, I’ve been waiting for you for years”


6.) Passion

To each their own. For Ed, it was studying alchemy. For Winry, studying auto-mail. Each has a tome to delve into, a new part to order. They may have passion for their hobbies, but the true passion lies in each other.


7.) Sunday Morning

No matter how wonderful their nights together were, no matter how passionate and steamy, Winry could always count on him never being there. But much to her surprise on a rainy Sunday morning, she awoke to him sitting next to her with a smile on his face.

“Win, we’re back. For good.”


8.) Ripple

Splish, splish. A stone skipped lightly across a clear pond.

“A ripple. That’s it.” The girl mused, her long legs swinging over the dock. Encompassing and broad, circles upon circles of wisdom. But in the center is a small and vulnerable heart. And then when it’s gone, in a sense, its presence still lingers. Nature can have a pretty mean sense of humor sometimes.


9.) Interesting Combination

He inhaled her scent the second he walked in the door. Machine oil…and lilacs. A scent that made him think of home.

When she hugged him, that smell seeped into her own skin. Machine oil, coffee and dust. An interesting combination. That’s what describes them. One interesting combination.


10.) Photograph-

She struck while Ed was in the shower, swiping his watch from the table and pulling it open with a click of her screwdriver. The first thing she noticed was the paper hidden among the gears.

‘I thought you would try that.’ It said. She flipped it over and found a picture of herself. Winry laughed and put it away.

Figures he’d pick the one with her in a half asleep daze…


<3 You like them? This story is my baby...almost 20,000 hits!

I'll keep posting them if I get some feedback! I have a total of 86 at, but thanks to the kind reviews I got
(see this journal here: I decided to put them up on LJ. You guys are much nicer!  =3
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