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OK Yeah.

Dear FMA Comm,

As we have all been reminded several times today, our beloved series was liscenced by FUNimation. While I'm not happy, I've come to accept it, like the majority of the comm. Sonchou will still be releasing the subs via IRC and bittorrent, I believe. You can all rest easy, IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY.

However, I have to say, it gets annoying when a million different people post wailing about how their lives are over and they cannot function without subbed FMA, and how bad a job they'll do, all in individual entries on the journal. It's spamming people's friends pages, so please, be considerate when you decide you need to post about your individual angst and woe. If you've got to do it at all, reply to somebody else's post, or write it in your own journal.

Similarly, about four or five different "SHUT UUUP" posts have surfaced, and I have to tell you guys that gets annoying fast, too. I really hate it when the fandom gets divided like this; we are fans of the same series, please, let's all find comfort in that at least, and stop squabbling. Okay?

If anybody needs a place to rant and rave about the subbing, or about how people are still ranting and raving about the subbing, PLEASE DO SO HERE. It will take the flood off people's friends pages.

Thank you. Happy posting.

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