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[RPG] omg_alchemist needs you!

Hello there, it's me, shichahn from the fantastic RPG omg_alchemist here on livejournal. Many of you have probably heard from us before, as we are now the longest-running omg-style game run through livejournal in the FMA fandom, and one of the longest-running FMA games here in any genre. As usual, we are looking for new members to play a couple characters (including a movie!Ed, an Al, and a handful of others), but I am here to specifically ask if any of you would be interested in playing Edward Heiderich, a character we had for a while here but then lost as his player became busy and also took interest in other fandoms. If you are interested in playing, all you have to do is go to the community linked above, read the FAQ, and then please apply at the application page. However, I would like to ask that anyone interested specifically in playing the fantastic Ed Heiderich please post here and let me know so that I may get in touch with you regarding backstory, as I play Alfons. Additionally, please note that anyone interested in playing him must be open to the brothercest, as such is the nature of their relationship. XD;

That said, if you enjoy role-playing games at all, or if you have never tried a role-playing game and would like to, please come and check out our community! We are very open to new players and love having more characters join us. We promise we are all very friendly. XD Thank you!
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