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More icons! Haha! <3 There aren't too many EdWin ones though...*sweatdrop* I gotta get more scans...
Moving on! Here's the list.

[33] FullMetal Alchemist
[13] Edward Elric
[7] Winry Rockbell

[3] Alphonse Elric

[2] Roy Mustang
[1] Elma
[1] CrowleyxElma
[1] Alfons Heidrich
[1] Ed/Al/Win
[1] Trisha Elric

(there's also a Keroro Gunso...but there's only one. *sweatdrop*

They aren't in any particular order though...I need to learn how to make the pretty tables...

Song Credits
15, 16, 17- "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera
19-"Superman (it's not easy)" by Five For Fighting
27- "Dead in The Water" by Hawthorne Heights
30-"Motherland" by Crystal Kay
32-"Niki FM" by Hawthorne Heights

Site Credits: All manga artbook scans are from <3 They totally rock.

I owe evil_little_dog a Hughes/Roy/Riza OT3 icon too. I need to do it. *sweatdrop*

Credit would be nice, Comments are appreciated, and Hotlinking is a big fat no!

X-Posted to fma_icons and ed_winry as well as my journal. =]

~ Chiiko


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