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7stages: "Line in the Sand"

Title: Line in the Sand
Character(s): Roy/Edward/Alphonse
Rating: PG for language and maybe for the fact that it's a threesome.
Prompt: Set 3 - 4. Draw the line in the sand
Word Count: 867-ish
Summary: Beach. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and it's romantic-like.
Author's Notes: This was an attempt to lighten up. However, I just made this look bi-polar. I wrote a little happy ending for it, but I thought it wasn't so great, so it's optional. An extra, one might say. (Or just an omake.)
Woo, I am on a roll with this.

The Elrics already looked like the cousins of the sun, but their faces at that moment made them look more like brothers to the sun. Alphonse dashed into the sand, but tripped in it, not expecting the sand to slide under him. Alphonse was laughing when he yelled, “Brother, I just tasted sand for the first time ” Edward laughed with his brother, walking carefully as to not get sand into his sandals.

The beach was a new place for two boys and Roy Mustang.

Roy had been before, but it had been long ago, with his mother. He remembered enjoying it immensely, aside from finding sand in his hair for a month. He offered to take the brothers to the beach, telling them he had always wanted to go there again, and it would delight him to have the boys accompany him. Edward was obstinate, but Alphonse said that it would be wonderful and thanked him profusely. Edward could only agree after that, muttering a barely audible, “thank you.”

Roy couldn’t help but take joy in watching the Elrics build sand castles, (with a little help from their friend Alchemy) splash water at each other, pester various crabs, and shove wet sand and seaweed down each other’s swim trunks. They’re not adults, but just little boys that day, reversing the effects of truth. Roy would join them, but he is deathly sensitive to the sun and is well past the age where acting like a child is just inappropriate. Anyway, Edward would throw a fit at his superior shoving seaweed in his trunks.

The two boys came running back in the afternoon, falling on their towels, out of their boyish energy, but glowing with sunburn and happiness. Roy read his book, trying to ignore their chattering. The boys regained their energy to go running up and down the beach, trying to find as many shells as possible. Ed took to throwing the smaller ones at his brother and Al returned the favor. Roy laughed and went back to reading his book.

Ed took a shell from his collection, and used it to run a line down the beach, to the water. Alphonse looked at his brother’s actions with interest, still lying in the sand with a pile of seashells. Then, Edward yelled to Roy, “Mustang, this our side of the beach, so stay on your side or else you’ll get you face knocked in!” Alphonse’s head fell into the sand from laughing, but he gained control to yell to his brother, “What, are you five years old?” Edward half-annoyed, half-annoying, went to tackle Alphonse. They both attempted to stuff sand up the other’s nose, into their mouth, and all into their hair. Edward gave up and fell onto Alphonse’s shoulder, both boys red-faced and giddy. Edward turned toward his brother, looking into his eyes that were just above his head.

It’s hard to say how these things happen, or explain them.

Edward’s lips, covered in sand and the taste of the ocean, kissed twin lips, ones that came from the same mother and father, with the same sand and sea on them.

Roy didn’t pretend not to notice. His heart somehow felt draw to the brothers, twins of sand and sea. It’s hard to say how these things happen, as any of them could tell you.

Roy stood on the line that divided the beach.

Edward looked up, eyes dilated with fear, love, confusion, anger...

“Don’t cross the line or I’ll knock your face in,” Edward stated shakily, eyes glowing with something strange.

Roy’s feet stood still in the sand, right before the line. His mind told him the various things that were wrong with what was happening right now. There were many things, like how his subordinate had been kissing his brother. How he was about to do something that would, either way, make lives explode.

Roy’s heart had decided long ago, so his foot stepped over the line in the sand. Roy moved faster, and at the brothers’ side, he dropped down. He held two sandy boys who were men on any other day.

Roy also found that he didn’t care that they had sand on their lips and the sea in their mouths.

Extra Ending:

They had been staying in a beach house, small and cozy. Roy lit the fire when they got back, having previously rinsed off the sand under the pipe that spouted water exactly for that purpose. When Edward and Alphonse got back from changing their clothes, Edward laughed at Roy.

“You’re such a womanizer– I don’t need a fire to be all smoochy with you.”

Alphonse simply blushed.

The boys sat on either side of Roy, Alphonse holding Roy, while Edward would only allow a arm around his shoulder. Alphonse fell asleep on the couch, while Edward stayed awake and at attention.

“Y’know, I did say I would knock your face in.” Roy snorted at Edward’s remark, knowing that he wouldn’t–

Roy knew that there was a time and place to “knock” someone’s “face in.” However, Edward’s warm kiss after doing so was wonderful enough to make up for it.

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