baby_kitty_toes (baby_kitty_toes) wrote in fm_alchemist,

The Gender-switch Challenge

The Gender-switch Challenge

Since gender-switch has taken on a recent popularity, I'd thought i'd be fun to do an easy challenge just for laughs.

Take one of your fanfics and rewrite in with gender-switch.  It's that simple - you don't have to think of a new plot or anything!  You may change the sex of just one person, several people, or everyone.  

You may want to tweak the story a little to sound right or change situations as needed, other wise you might have someone referring to a male character's "perky breasts," which would lead to an amusing, but weird sounding story.

Remember to post a link to the original story so people can see if the gender-switch gave it a different feel.

Please don't rewrite someone else's story unless given permission.

I'll post my story Tomorrow.  :)


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