thank god for us (sylladicks) wrote in fm_alchemist,
thank god for us

Hi there!

I... didn't see anything about pimping roleplaying communities, but if it's against the rules, I apologize ahead of time and you can delete this immediately :x But if not, do read on!

My name's Snow, and I'm here to try and find myself a Ran Fan from the manga for a friend's roleplay, where I'm applying for Ling. I was hoping I could find a Ran Fan for my dear Ling. (I'm a Ran Fan/Ling fangirl if that accounts for anything.) So that's why I came here to bother you all :D

Anyways, onto the information!

The end of the world.
The biggest stage in existence.
With one rule: The winner gets to stay alive.

Interested yet? Good, let me explain to you the wor... oh, who am I? You can call me God, if you want, but that name seems ... so outdated, doesn't it? So, anyway, the world. Or should I just call it all of existence? Most of existence anyway, since some of existence is already 'dying'. No, I didn't say it doesn't exist anymore, I said 'dying'. The world (which is really just a metaphor for everything) goes in cycles. Like harvest, winter and then spring. We just happen to be at the end of harvest. Don't I care...? Well, that's my secret, you know. I gotta keep something private from all of you~.

Anyway. The world as it is right now is a disk. A perfectly circular (ha, and scientists said you couldn't make one) disk. On one side we've got the End of the World Tournament. Which is, the tournament to see who gets to live to see the beginning of the new world, pretty nifty, huh? And on the otherside we have people just trying to be happy. Or whatever people want to do before the end of the world. Both sides of the disk are split into four parts. Quads 1-4, easy to remember, yeah?

As for what people do on the Below Side? I don't really care, whatever they want. I'm not living the last year of their lives, afterall. On the Upside? Yeah, I do mind. It's my tournament, afterall. Participants are not allowed to off each other, that just wouldn't be professional. Each participant has thirty tokens, and can wager them on fights or on their own fights. When you run out of coins you have to go to the Below. No, it isn't anything like Hell, get that out of your mind this instant. You can gain coins from winning bets or fights. I bet you can guess, but the person with the most coins after a year is the victor. Why a year?

'Cuz I said so.


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