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7stages fic: "Träumer"

Title: Träumer
Character(s): Roy/Edward/Alphonse
Rating: PG-13 for themes, sleeping in the same bed, and a little language.
Prompt: Set 4 - 7. Sleepwalk
Word Count: 271
Author's Notes: This is the first one, so it isn't very long or inspired. The title is German for dreamer, which I learned from easilyabused, and I thought it fit. I also want to mention that there is a line inspired just a little by a song by Dresden Dolls.

It’s in the night, when Roy’s mind becomes more active that it ever becomes in daylight. His feet beg him to wander, to run. He thinks it must be sleepwalking, except he can tell everything that he is doing. (Does he hate himself for it, to be responsible for everything because he can tell...?)

He sees the two boys, who he’d taken care of for so many years, and he feels like he took advantage of them, but they’re happy. Al had kissed him and giggled into his ear when he asked about it, but it still nags at the edge of his mind. Ed will nudge him, punch him in playfulness, and tell him that it’s all okay.

Two halves of a whole, intertwined in his bed. How can this be sin when it’s so beautiful? At night his mind will ponder these things and tell him that it’s sin for no reason but what we are told as children. Roy is tempted to hold those boys and tell them that what they are is okay, because, dammit, fuck society.

His mind tells him these things at night.

He isn’t a criminal, he only loves and he is receiving it. His mind is reasoning with him, seducing him into a frightening state of affairs where he is just acting out of love and he really is a criminal.

It’s his mind that is sleepwalking, not himself. He will go to bed, and he will have two warm bodies around him and he will be content. Roy’s mind will stop sleepwalking, stop reasoning, and continue it’s path of sleep and awakening.

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