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Some fanart stuff.

One of the pictures I already posted up, but I'm to lazy to change what I have in my LJ XD

Crappy art, drawn by a crappy artist.

I'm actually quite proud of the way Envy turned out. His smirk thing really made him ^^;;

I know that Ed has no front body -.-;. If you look closly though, you can see his arm. I only drew it lightly though, because it was really really bad.

Both are extremely OOC, I know. Anyways, it's before Ed lost his arm.

...Envy looks too long in the face. Like a ghoul

I don't mind how this turned out. Envy's grin was alot better before I went over it to make it darker. I wanted Ed's right leg to be up, but I couldn't figure out how to do that with the posistion Envy was in *shrugs* Ah well.

Not at all happy how this turned out, and my scanner killed Envy's hair. Envy looks even worse in this one then he did in the original...

A little more pleased with how this one came out, but not by much. It looks like Envy's head is just floating there. I made this one bigger though, so I could make more details, like the position of Envy's hands. Ed's however, just sort of disappear.

Doesn't much look like him. At all. -.-;

I've never been too good at kiss scenes. Ever. Envy looks 1) To masculine. 2) Too fat. Ed looks too feminime -.-;...

As far as face shape goes, I think I've been reading too much Maki Murakami-sensei. I don't like how she draws side-views either. All in all, I don't like it.

This and more non-any fandom related stuff in my personal journal.
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