Momo (zinkymomo) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Sketch Dump!

I went to log in on a computer at school today, and the person on before me was 'HUGHESEL' (Last name, then the first two letters of your first name).
Elicia Hughes goes to my school?! O_O

And on to the scribble-y art!
I was sulking after reading the manga. So I thought I'd draw Hughes to try and cheer me up (it worked! ^^).

Al-i cat
Al, dressed up as a cat because he likes them so much. Al-i Cat (supposed to be Alley cat) is spelt like that because a while ago I tried drawing him from memory and the only detail I could remember was the horn on his forhead... so I drew him as a unicorn and named him Al-icorn.

Typo FTW! Ed doesn't look too happy about being turned into food.

... I thought I had more than that, but I guess this is all for now~

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