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Songfic--Far Away

This is a totally different style of writing for me...*sweatdrop*

Title: Far Away
Pairing: EdxWinry
Summary: I love you and I miss you, been far away for far too long...

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Disclaimers- I don’t own Far Away or Full Metal Alchemist. They belong to Nickelback and Cow-sensei. XD

Time period: After episode 45, but 50 ended in success instead of awful, horrid, sadness. ;.;

This time, this place

Misused, mistakes

Too long, too late,

They were planning on leaving, under the cover of darkness and disguises, tomorrow. And yet…in a way, Edward wasn’t ready to go. He has this nasty feeling in his gut: this was going to be a difficult trip. Putting both hands behind his head, he gave a long sigh. There were so many things he wanted to say, so many things he wanted to do with his life. It was about damn time he crossed number one off of his “Things to Do before I Die” list.

“Winry? Can I talk to you?”

Just one chance, just one breath,

Just in case there’s just one left

Cause you know, you know,

You know

“What is it, Edward?” she dropped her wrench and it landed with a dull thunk on the wooden surface, “Did you need something?”

“Well yeah, there’s been something I wanted to tell you.” he sat down on the bed and looked at the floor, his face tinged mildly pink, “I--”

“What, Ed? I need to finish this up so you can leave.”


I love you

I have loved you all along”

Winry’s expression went from shock to pure ecstasy. She pushed backwards from her chair and tackled him in a hug.

“Oof! Winry, ah…”

“You…you really mean it?” she looked down at him, her azure orbs filled with tears.

And I miss you,

Been far away for far too long

“Yeah…” Ed looked away, his bangs hiding his red face, “And…well, I didn’t really realize it until a couple of days ago and…bah, I’m blabbering like an idiot.” He gave up mid-speech, completely flustered.

“It’s okay.” She laughed warmly, “You don’t have to go on any romantic tirades. I like you the way you are.”


I keep dreaming you’ll be with me

And you’ll never go

Stop breathing if I don’t see you anymore.

The next day, he and Al left, off on some adventure she would never be a part of. With a sigh, Winry closed her window and flopped on her bed. She would keep waiting here and dreaming of the days when he was done with his quest. It was what she did best, after all.

On my knees, I’ll ask,

Last chance for one last dance,

Cause with you, I’d withstand

All of hell to hold your hand

Ed leaned his head on the cool glass of the train window, trying to ice his brain over so he could get a little shut-eye. He stared out of the window, and let his mind wander. Could he see himself…maybe married to Winry? Maybe even having kids with her…? Ed smiled softly at the thought. He would have to tell Al later. His little brother was always better on romance subjects. He could ask for advice on how to take a girl on a date.

I’d give it all,

I’d give for us

Give anything,

But I won’t give up

Cause you know, you know

Not even two days later a hearty knock sounded on the door. Figuring it was a customer, Winry buttoned up her mechanic’s suit to the neck and brushed her hair before opening the door.

“Winry! Hey!”

The cheery voice was immediately recognizable: even without the tinny ring of hollow metal. Winry gasped loudly and fell against the doorway in shock, “A-Al?”

“Yep!” he grinned warmly and held out his arms, “Can I have a hug?”

“O-of course!” she ran to him and hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek to make sure he was real, “Oh Al, I can’t believe it, this is amazing! You’re really back!”

“I hope you aren’t cheating on me with my brother there, Winry.” Golden eyes popped up from behind Al with a cheerful grin, “I know he’s cute, but you wouldn’t just forget about me, right?”

“Ed!” she let go of Al and raced towards him, glomping him ecstatically, “Are you normal too? Or am I going to have to hit you with my wrench?”

Ed gulped and rolled up his pant leg, “See? Normal. Well, mostly. I got my human arm back, but had to give it again so Al could get his memory too.”

“So your arm is still auto-mail?”


“Good. I’m glad. It’s a part of you that I made.” She smiled at him before leaning down and giving him a small kiss, “Welcome home, alchemy geek.”

Edward blushed and nodded, “Um, thanks auto-mail geek.”

I wanted; I wanted you to stay,

Cause I needed

I need to hear you say

“Well? Are you guys coming inside or not? Grandma’s gonna be thrilled.”

“You bet!” Al grinned and raced inside, “Maybe she’ll make stew! I can still remember what it tastes like!”

Once Al was gone, Ed looked over to Winry and gently took her hand in his, “So, Winry, you never did agree with me. I said it: it’s only fair that you do too.”

“H-huh?” she blushed, “Well….okay…”

“ ‘okay….?’ What’s that supposed to mean?”

She pulled out her wrench and hit him lightly, “It means

I love you and I’ve loved you all along

And I forgive you

For being away for far too long”

“Well said.” He smiled and a soft silence settled over them. Ed looked up into the clouds for a moment and then gazed at Winry, “Hey….Win?”

“Yeah, Ed?”

So keep breathing

He sighed wistfully and glanced back up at the sky, “I’m not leaving you anymore”

Winry nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her, “I believe it, so hold on to me and never let me go…”

“I never will…I promise”

Ahem...what do you think? O.< This is a new style for me....I never tried to use the lyrics as part of a story before...

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