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New fic & Zine update

First, the zine! The deadline has been extended to October 30, so if you had thought of subbing something but thought time was up, this is your chance! There are already three stories accepted, and two more promised. For more info, see my LJ post or priestess_grrrl's.

Now, the fic!

Title: [Blood-red Petals]
Author: SkyFire ( rabid_plotbunny )

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG13 (This chapter: G-ish)
Summary: It all started with a simple delivery Mustang had never expected to recieve.
Warnings: Contains original characters interacting with canon characters. WIP.

Notes: I'd love some concrit on this. That means both finding problems AND offering suggestions on how to fix them. That does NOT mean just finding problems. And please keep in mind that your idea of a 'problem' might be different than mine. I promise to consider each suggestion, though...

( Chapter 1, Part 1 )

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