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Black Hayate's Adventures at Colossalcon!

Before he went to Anime Expo Black Hayate attended a much smaller convention in Cleveland. But he still met lots of interesting people.

Not too many mommys at this convention... Only two. And there were three or four fire daddies.
I'm bigger than this fire daddy!
This mommy and fire daddy look ready to go into battle!

There was an Uncle Fuery there! And an Uncle Scaredy Cat Breda.
Hi Uncle Fuery!
Why is Uncle Scaredy Cat Breda frightened by a cute little puppy like me?
Here's all the military people that went to the photoshoot! There's two mommys to keep that one fire daddy inline!

There were other odd people I met there too!
I'm still bigger than Tiny Pipsqueak Edward!
Hmmm.... Tiny Edward must have grown between the series and the movie...
It's me and a Wrench Girl!
So you're a Keyblade wielder? What's a keyblade?
Grrrr.... You may look human, but you stink like a cat!

And finally here's the group at the FMA Photoshoot.

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