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Porn? omg it's the end. *ded*

Pairing: Alphonse x Hand ~<3

Notes: P?WP. UNBETAED. Barely double-checked. Actually, I just finished it, and I'm so nervous, I decided just to throw it out there before I could nit-pick. Utter ignoring of canon, as far as that an older Al has his memories. Umm, I keep seeing a full-grown, short-haired Alphonse in my head, so maybe that's the one you should think of too. ^^; Done for August's fma_fuh_q (Sliefoxx is a bad, bad person)

Blurb: Er ... first finished smut-related-thing. Veryveryvery first. -^^-; Constructive Criticism is worshipped. Rip it apart as much as you want. Too short? TELL ME.

Word Count: 1347 (More than I thought)

(Fake like whoa)
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