Sooyun (atherlin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

layout contest

is anyone interested in a layout contest? XD; I'll be getting a paid account for this community on June, and I thought we can use new layouts. I'll personally participate too just to show I'm not a lazy butt <3 We'll decide on the winner by voting on June 1 - 3.

I'll also clean up the memories and actually add important stuff from June. ha;; sorry for being so inactive!

if you're interested, just comment, and if there's more than 5 people willing to participate, anyone can start emailing the entries in on my email ( The layout can be anything that works on a paid account (ex. div layer), and it obviously have to relate to Fullmetal alchemist.

If this thing goes on, the layouts are due May 31st, midnight Pacific time~.
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