takarifreak (takarifreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Regarding Den

So I got the Movie DVD today at Borders.  Chcik who rang me out said it was like the 3rd copy they'd sold in like an hour.  Lady behind me sees the name, and remarks that her granddaughter is into it too.

Got a Porfiles book too.  Squee!  It's like the only non-DVD/Graphic Novel FMA merchandise I've seen at the local mall since I got that Ed Blanket a few months ago (the nice warm fuzzy one that cost me $12).

But anyway.  I've seen this brought up a few times here and there, and I just have to ask.

I've seen many people mention that Den is Female.  HOWEVER, the few instances where I have seen Den's gender listed as a Male (including said book I mentioned above).

So, which is it?

As I said, it's not often its brought up, but I've never seen any evidence of Den being female except by word of other people.

Is there actualy viable proof of either claim ANYWHERE?

EDIT:  Futher toward the end of the book, Den is refered to as Female.  Geez...you'd think they'd make up their minds on this!

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