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Rave Echidna The Foe Seeker

World’s End

Title: World’s End

Author: RaveEchidna

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (In other words I own nothing)

Part: 1/unkown

Spoilers: This is one big spoiler using the anime and movie as its cannon. It takes place after the movie.

Parings: Unknown at this point in time

Warnings: This fic will contain all of the above at one point or another and possibilities of even more messed up things strong langue, gore, death, physiological trauma, THE GATE, Nazis, police brutality, sex, both con and non con…

Over all Rating: Nc-17
Chapter Rating: R for strong words.
Chapter centered around: Ed and Al

The two brothers walked their heads bowed as they spoke together in hushed voices. The autumn wind raked its clawed fingers though the long blond manes and sliced through the drab wool clothing that hung off their bodies. Long gone were the bright colors of hope, they’d been raped way with the introduction to this dead world of logic and indifference. Each of them where starving suffering from a hunger that they had never truly had to deal with in all their years of wandering.

“Brother…” The younger though taller of the two’s voice grew a little louder. “We don’t have the money for rent or for food. We need to do something.”

The elder brother sighed. “Al you don’t even speak the langue yet and in case you haven’t noticed people here are not being so kind to outsiders. I don’t see how we are going to get back home.”

Al stopped in his tracks and shook his head every time he mentioned trying to make a living in this unforgiving world his brother would always in some way mention there real home.

It took the other a few moments before he realized that Al was not with him and he bit back a curse and turned half stomping to his brother. “We are not going to stay here we have to find away home no matter the cost. This world is...diseased, the air is poisoned and just look around you they’re already dead every one on these damned streets they just don’t know it yet.”

“Then why did you offer to stay?” Al snapped it was a question that had been eating away at his mind ever since he had come to this world “If there is nothing here then why?”

Ed as always did not answer the question he just started to walk again. How could he tell Alphonse everything? That he had been planning to die in this world knowing his brother was safe in a paradise that sinners, and fools that played god had no place in. He could be what in his heart he knew he was, nothing. He could not protect the people close to him he could not save lives and he was no hero. He’d see to it that Al got home back to the beauty of their world no matter the cost. He would just have to keep leading Al on to make it sound like he’d be part of the trip home.

“Edward!” Al growled and walked with him. “You don’t tell me anything any more.”

“Al ever think that just for once there is nothing to tell?” The once Alchemist for the people snapped. “We are in the middle of a fucking ghetto, people are starving to death on the streets and its so fucking clear that the government once again does not give a shit so what does that leave?” His voice was loud clear and in German, he knew Al understood most of it. “Nothing, nothing, nothing! You could work every single day of the week and have just enough for a shit hole of a place to live and maybe of you are lucky some bread.” He threw a fist into the air. “So if the government can’t do anything and the people are too tired, nothing happens. We’ve seen this before haven’t we? One, person steps into the light makes a few speeches protests and gets arrested.” Ed was off in his full ranting mode and he did not see the people gathering around him. “I don’t even think it’s the government that has to change first. It’s the people I mean you don’t stand a chance at changing anything if you can’t get people to stand with you. You can’t change the world by yourself. You can try but you’re just going to end up dead curled up in blood and broken dreams. Fuck that fuck the world and the ass holes that pull all of the strings in government.”

“Ah—brother!” Al hissed pulling a little on Edward’s brown coat. He’s brother might not have seen the crowd but he did. He also saw the dark uniforms of officers slowly coming closer. “Maybe right now the people need to stay quite.” He knew his German was bad he doubted it would ever be perfect. As it stood he got away with saying that he had spent most of his life in England with relatives.

“How long do you really think that the people are going to stay silent hell all we are missing is a martyr or two.” He blinked as he lost his train of thought. Having your younger yet some how taller brother take a hand full of your pony tail and pull it fiercely can have that effect. His golden eyes went wide and he swallowed looking at the circle of dark uniformed people that surrounded him. “Oh shit.” Edward squeaked “Ah…hi officers” A wide and nervous smile appeared on his face. “Ah lovely after noon?”

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