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Title: Rain, Rain, Go Away
Fandom: FMA
Characters: Ed, Roy!Cameo
Pairing: None! (Zomg.)
Rating: PG for Ed's mouth
Warnings: I do believe this is spoiler-free, unless you, like... don't know the story or anything... O_O.
Summary: Someone hates the rain.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Edward Elric hated the rain. Oh, sure, it was fun because it made that bastard Cornel pretty much useless… but he couldn’t go out to the library without getting miserable and cold, and besides, he was told that he had to come in to work today.

Therefore, he was stuck inside, filling out reports. Slowly, an old rhyme from his childhood wormed its way to the front of his brain.

‘Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…’ He and Al used to sing it on rainy days, before…

He couldn’t work like this. He was too twitchy, too antsy, and too bored to be doing this right now. Paperwork could wait.

“Fullmetal, where are you going?”

“Fuck off, hothead.”

For a long, long time, he stood out in the storm.

“Rain, rain, go away… come again another day…”

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