Sushi Freak (seaweedotter) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Sushi Freak

Movie spoilers and a few questions..

Hey, just a few thoughts on the movie, and some questions for you uber fans who have already seen it.

Man, I just watched the movie today, and it was GREAT! I really dont see how someone who hadnt watched at least a few of the episodes would understand it though. According to the very extensive liner notes, it was supposed to be "stand alone", but I dont think it was.

It was a bit confusing, with alot of jumping around of time and location, but after a while you understood what and why they did it. I really like that they worked real human history into it. It was really interesting to see normal people's thoughts on Nazi-ism, and how people felt on both sides of the conflict. It was informative, not preachy.

But a few questions for the people who has already seen the movie. I havent seen every single episode yet, so that may be why I dont know the answers to this, so forgive my stupidity.

First, why was Envy helping Al? I thought the Hommunculi were all bad...

Second, why did Gluttony look like he did, a multi-limbed blob, instead of a mostly human looking blob of a man?

Third, who was it that fell out of the plane in a big blob, then died right at the end of the movie? I thought it was Ed, untill he walked out of the plane moments later. I am sure that is why they wanted us to think, but I dont know who else it would have been.

Fourth, wouldnt Ed and Al (maybe Al less because he had the suit) have had some of that black blob on them from going thru the gate again, like the lady did when she went to Shambala? I thought the only reason Ed was protected the first time was because his ship was so fast.

Okay, sorry I asked so many questions. I am just trying to wrap my brain around all that I saw. I do have all 13 episode DVDs, but it is hard to find time to watch them. I am WAY behind. :)

Thanks in advance.

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