Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Revolutionary Girl Utena Crossover fic- Lust x Anthy

I just realized that I never crossposted this here.  So, lyke, voila.  Here we go!

Title- Virginal Seduction
Crossover- SKU/FMA
Pairing- Lust/Anthy
Rating- PG-13 (Light R?)
Warnings- In case the pairing didn't give it away, YURI!  General oddness.  Makes sense only if you're familiar with Utena's surreal narrative style.

The bed did not creak as Lust seated herself; that would have been dreadfully imperfect. Her gloved hands brushed over the lacy front of Anthy's gown, settling to where she had seen the sword emerge from before, trying to sense its power through her fingertips.

"Are you not allowed to share?" Lust inquired, her dark lips quirking into a sultry smile.


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