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Title: Angel on my shoulder
Author: lilfmagurl
Pairing: none
Characters: Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes
Rating: G, I suppose
Warnings/Notes: DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DIDNT WATCH EPISODE 25!!! It's a lil short, but eh XD

Roy Mustang sighed as he looked out of the window. He had a huge pile of work to do -as usual- and it was almost midnight, yet Mustang didn't feel like doing any of his work.
"wow" he whispered as he opened the window to let some fresh air into the stuffy room. "I can't believe it's been a year..." A year? Yes, it has been a year since Maes Hughes was murdered. But Roy was too busy with work, dating and the Elric brothers to notice that a whole year has passed over his death. Mustang clearly remembered the day that they met, the days they spent as kids, teenagers, adults...He slightly laughed, he could imagine Hughes bursting into his office to brag about his daughter and family all night long. "I think the whole world knows about your daughter Maes" Mustang always joked around. Ah, how he missed his cheerful voice....Mustang suddenly turned around and opened a drawer, taking out a very old photograph album. Full of memories, tears, laughter...Those days were left behind, way behind....He kept turning the pages, and when he slowly turned the last page, a photograph fell on the floor. He bent down to take it, it was a photograph of Mustang in his uniform standing infront of HQ, it was taken two months ago. He held it closer as his smile grew even bigger. He could almost see Hughes standing right next to him, grinning. He was almost invisible, not there, hardly seen. But Mustang knew that he was there, he was always with him, wheter he was dead or not. He sighed and put the photograph on his desk, he took his jacket and slowly walked out of the room.
Maes Hughes sighed as he looked out of the window to watch Mustang leave. A small smile appeared on his face "Yes, it has been a year Roy" he said, he sat down in his chair. Moonlight came in and shined on Hughes, he was now almost invisible, not there. But he would always be there. Wheter he was dead or not.

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