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More fanart

Yay XD A post that doesn't deal with FMA being licensed. ^^;;

Actually, today during class I went on a huge Envy X Ed drawing spree. I have more pictures, but I have to make them darker before they'll show up well enough with my scanner **kicks it**

All the same, out of all of them, this is one of my favorites. I'm actually quite proud of how Envy turned out XD

No references again. Except for Ed's arm. Which was a pain in the ass, and looks like crap.

Proof that I can draw better than this.

Anyways, I may or may not post the other pictures later today. *shrugs* I guess it depends what people want. There's a chibi Envy and Ed, and then a picture thats... more sexual I suppose ^^;;

The picture was on a bit of a slant, and ended up cutting off part of Ed. But that's okay because it was nothing special and just made it look a lot worse.

*pokes it* I'm surprised about how well it came out, though it can't hold a candle to what some of you have drawn ^^;;

Also, I do need some references now and then ^-~ Could someone please give me/tell me where there's a clear picture of Envy that's not super-small, and a clear picture of shirtless Ed?

...**looks at time** Oh, look at that. I'm skipping a class to post this up here XD

[Edit] .... My scanner KILLED Envy's smirk. And that's what made me love this picture. Oh, woe is me.

[Edit #2] Resized the original picture and cut it different. Yes, Ed has no chest. -.-; Oh well, it looks a little better now.

[Edit #3] Note to self: STOP LOOKING AT THE PICTURE >.> Ed has no body.... -.-; This picutre is so incomplete that it makes me weep.
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