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Black Hayate's Adventures at Anime Expo!

Hello, I attended AX a few months ago and took many pictures of FMA cosplayers. Er, mostly myself as Black Hayate with FMA cosplayers. So here are a few of my favorite ones. (I did post this in the royai community awhile back so if you saw it there already, sorry for the repost! I did change some things around though!)

There were a lot of my mommies there! Sometimes it got confusing for me!

This mommy gave me a hug!
I'm sorry, mommy! Don't shoot!
This mommy was really tall!
No fair bringing in Tiny Edward as backup, Mommy!

There were a lot of fire daddies there too!

Daddy loves dogs!
This daddy had an eyepatch.
This daddy was tall... But I'm still bigger then Tiny Edward!

Lots more daddies then mommies... The mommies had to work extra hard to keep the fire daddies in shape!

This mommy and daddy are all dressed up. They're not going to a funeral are they...? I hope not.
It's a mommy a daddy and Uncle Fuery!
Mommy is kissing me! Is she trying to make fire daddy jealous?

Grr.... I found those evil Sin bad guys that try to go after my mommy and fire daddy!
There's so many of them!
I tried to tell them to leave mommy alone, but I don't think they listened...

There were a lot of Uncle Hughes' there too.
I think Uncle Hughes has a limitless supply of pictures...
Yes, she's absolutely adorable Uncle Hughes....

I went to the photoshoot for military soldiers in uniform. There were lots of mommies and daddies and Uncle Hughes' there. Then some Tiny Edwards came and crashed the party. Grrrrr......
Only a few soldiers here.
I'm what Uncle Havoc calls Emo in this picture.
Wait, why is there one of those Palm Tree Bad Guys there?
Grr..... Stupid Tiny Pipsqueak Edwards!

I met some celebrities too!
Look it's Vic Mignona, Tiny Edward's Voice Actor! He's a lot bigger than Edward though!
It's Uncle Falman's voice actor, Kyle Herbert! He's really funny.
It's Mommy's voice actor, Colleen Clinkenbeard! I think she's a little too into playing the role of Mommy though....

I met lots of other people too!
Grrrr.... Big Al is nice but he's always bringing in stupid cats! It's not good to bite Al though. I learned that lesson early on.
That's a lot of Elrics...
Wait, you Mei Lins are in the wrong universe....
Uh oh, Looks like some of the Tiny Edwards are being sucked in!
The little dog demon thought I might have been his daddy. ^^;;
I'm bigger then two Tiny Edwards put together!
Human!Al likes to pet me!
Lots of Wrench Girls! But there were way more Tiny Edwards!

And finally.....

Ah, sweet, sweet revenge....

You can see the rest of my AX adventures here.

Thanks for listening to my adventures!

If anyone is one of the cosplayers in any of these pictures and wishes a full sized version of the picture let me know and I'll send you one.

And is anyone attending Youmacon? I'll be wearing Hawkeye and Hayate there. Oh and I'll be wearing Den (Winry's Dog) to Ohayocon so I'll be on the lookout for pics with Winrys there!

Thanks for reading!

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