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about open-ness

in my opinion, i think this community should be generally open, but have maybe stricter rules, just incase we are deluged with fangirls/boys. such as something like (i know this sounds silly) a quiz or something, to test if they're just joining for the helluvit, or if they have a genuine intrest (and are intelligiable enough to NoT TYpE lYkE thIS). i myself am not a terribly seasoned fan of FMA, but i'm not just posting random crap... i think the only entry i've ever actually posted in this community (other than this one) was the picture of my Al easter egg XD i suppose what i'm trying to say is, don't assume the worst about how the fandom will be distributed, and we can deal with it when we all know the full details ^^ sorry if this made little to no sense XD
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