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Icon Post ^^

Hallo there ^^ I made a bunch of icons recently, hope you all like them!

44 icons are included in this post. Please credit if you use, comment if you like ^^ All of my resources are credit to wonderland__ and iiokua. All doujin scans were either found at So Da Sexy or eBay, + random Google hunting.

Fandoms include:

6 Fullmetal Alchemist
(2 Bluebirds Illusion)
3 Yu Yu Hakusho
1 For the Birds: Pixar animated short
2 Hellsing
1 X/1999
6 Saiyuki
6 Kingdom Hearts
5 Final Fantasy: Advent Children
3 Dirge of Cerberus
1 Last Order
10 FF7 Doujinshi icons

Lookit the pretty table . . . )

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