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Title: Shared dreams
Characters: Al, Ed
Rating: PG
Word Count:  153 words
Summary: Of all the things they share, this is the one he likes the most.

My first (and probably last) attempt at FMA fanfiction ^^ Hope you like it

 I have this recurrent dream...

It's the middle of the night, and I am sick and  in bed. The light is on and I stare at the ceiling, hearing the tick-tack from the old clock. I like the Rockwell's house as much as mine, but at times like this I wish Mom was here. She would stay up with me until I fell asleep.

There's a noise on the other bed and my brother asks me: "Can't sleep?"

I shake my head and he sighs. Before I know it he's on my bed, getting all comfortable. He shows me a book and starts reading. I like his voice a lot, and before I know it, I'm fast sleep.


I like this dream a lot. We were only six and seven then and Al had never gotten that sick before, so I was worried.

It's really a nice dream, even if it isn't mine.


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